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Ashland debuts direct-mount dump style scraper

Ashland's 2012CS scraper is useful for mining, construction or agriculture markets.
Ashland's 2012CS scraper is useful for mining, construction or agriculture markets.

A direct mount, dump style scraper, the 2012CS from Ashland Industries meets the needs of construction, mining and agriculture markets.  Designed around Ashland's toughest model to date, the 2014CS, the new 2012CS, with its 12' cut width and 20 cubic yards of haul, allows this machine to meet the needs of more operators across the country, without losing capacity.   Constructed of high strength and abrasion resistant steel processed from premium iron ore, combined with skeletal frame design, friction welded cylinder rods and easy to maintain wear parts, the 2012CS delivers the superior longevity Ashland customers have come to expect to keep them productive.  Required horsepower is 400-620 for the 2012CS. 

Ashland's horizontal pin hitch system keeps your scraper mounted closer to the tractor's rear axle for optimum weight distribution.  The drawbar's massive vertical pin is mounted 22" behind the horizontal drawbar pin, ensuring a superior turning radius. 

The Pole is box constructed with an internal skeleton vs. formed halves for increased rigidity. 
The combination of vertical depth of frame, mainframe pipe, trailing arms and higher strength steel ensures maximum productivity. 

The hydraulic valve assembly utilizes a dual cartridge system featuring a simple Sequence and Counter Balance Valve...and it comes set up to pull scrapers in tandem—a benefit for real earthmovers. 

The 2012CS has a spacious opening for material to be quickly and easily dumped and the sides of the apron feature a close tolerance to the Bowl wiper walls.  The gate pivot assembly features robust 360-degree welded bosses, which supports larger pins that are greasible from the outside, providing outstanding strength and support.  Massive 6" x 16" apron cylinder, with friction welded eye and nitrobar rod, makes a virtually indestructible connection to the Front Section. 

The 2012CS has a 20-cubic yard heaped capacity, with a dual plated floor assembly, which consists of two heavy plates that support both the top and bottom edges of the moldboard, ensuring the floor will remain straight and strong when contacting objects such as stumps or rocks.  Critical locations have been upgraded to abrasion resistant steel with over 170,000 lb. yield strength . . . nearly 2.5 times stronger than competitors.  Blade bolting pattern is JD for any configuration. 

Maintaining a level cut begins with the rear wheels, and the 2012CS delivers with a fully robotic-welded rear truss system that provides repeatable precision parts which translates into tighter weld joints to the rear frame tubes.  Ashland's exacting standards for construction and the use of higher strength steel ensure superior durability, higher load ratings and longer fatigue resistance than full tubular design rear frames. 

The 2012CS features a super capacity 14-bolt pass-through hub system which allows easy tire service and maintenance.  Standard rear tires (4) are 20.5 x 25 with optional Radials 20.5R x 25.

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