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Liebherr LRB 16 piling and drilling rig
Liebherr LRB 16 piling and drilling rig

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Liebherr launches new all-around machine
Liebherr is always busy, and this year is no different with the launch of the new LRB 16 piling and drilling rig, which is suitable for the diverse requirements of deep foundation work. It features a compact design as well as a range of available assistance systems which eases the work on the jobsite. With a longer leader, the piling and drilling rig is also now available as an LRB 18.

The LRB 16 gets its name from the sledge's travel distance, which is approximately 16 m. Special emphasis is on the compact design of the LRB 16 with an operating weight of barely 48 tonnes, which results in low ground pressure. The robust undercarriage offers excellent stability, which can be further increased with the optional rear supports. Innovative hydraulic concepts aid in efficiency for the machine; despite reduced engine power, high performance is achieved while keeping fuel consumption lower. 

The proven parallel kinematics, which have been installed in many piling and drilling rigs from Liebherr, have a large working area and enable the leader to be folded back. The rigid leader of approximately 12.5 m absorbs high torque and is fitted with a rope crowd system for high pull forces of up to 200 kN. Furthermore, the quick connection system allows for the rapid fitting or exchange of working tools.

The LRB 16 can be easily transported in one piece, including mounted counterweight, and has a transport weight of only 43.5 t. This ensures quick setup on site as well as flexibility in transferring the machine between different jobsites. As an option the complete loading and setup processes can be carried out via remote control, which means only one person is required. 

Particular attention was paid to the improvement of operator comfort. This was achieved, amongst other things, through a modern air-conditioning system, an optimized view from the cabin as well as an orthopedic operator's seat with automatic adjustment. 

As a standard, the new piling and drilling rig is fitted with sophisticated control and assistance systems. Attachment recognition offers not only time recording for the respective attachment, the performance figures are also transmitted with the aid of LiDAT, Liebherr's own data transmission system.

Soilmec SC-135 HD Tiger with Hydromill technology

SC-135 HD Tiger diaphragm wall drilling rig with Hydromill technology
Soilmec's Hydromill technology allows the construction of diaphragm walls in a variety of soil conditions and provides accurate vertical control at working depth, which was previously unattainable. The new SC-135 HD Tiger allows operation in a range of working radius and module rotations. 

One feature includes a patented hydraulic system dedicated for cutting module and base machines with the filters installed directly on the main lines to avoid any possible breakdown due to bentonite contamination. 

The hydraulic swivel for +/-90-degree module rotation, the high-power Cat C27 Diesel engine and other features are suitable for jobsites up to 150 m depth, and guarantee the highest performance in various conditions. The high-depth vertical sensor, the independent mobile and the DMS on board complete with 3-D graphic printout panel options all mean verticality control better than ever before.

The SC-135 HD Tiger presents a new safe anti-fall system including handrails and ladders, lashing points, remote control boards and reduced speed mode in order to carry out the main assembly/disassembly operations and maintenance procedures in safe conditions. The machine has been designed for modular assembly, with a maximum transportation weight of 45 t.

Junttan opens new subsidiary, adds hammer series
Finnish company Junttan Oy is making a push to be part of the North American market with the launch of its subsidiary based in Laurel, D.E. Junttan USA will fulfil service and parts needs, as well as supporting sales and rentals; the facility features a warehouse to help reduce parts logistics lead time, as well as a service area for hammer cylinder rebuilds.

The company also made a splash at CONEXPO when it launched its HHx series of offshore hydraulic hammers. The new generation hammers for tough conditions are especially designed to drive steel piles. The new level of total efficiency of the unit leads to a high level of piling project productivity. Reliability and ease of on-site service are also an important part of the HHx hammers. The robust, totally new structural design ensures that the hammer can be operated with full capacity at all times in the toughest conditions. The hammers are operated with the new generation Junttan xCU power packs which fulfil the latest environmental requirements and can be supplied with Tier 3 or Tier 4 Final engines. The xCU series power packs are scalable for different climates.

Junttan also offers new Junttan Life services for all new equipment to guarantee maximum uptime and minimum costs. Junttan Life Portal features fleet management, online access to manuals, remote service, troubleshooting and more.

Robit bits evolve to manage rough rock conditions
In recent years, top hammer performance development has not only been linear but exponential. Robit Button Bits have witnessed many improvements during this period. Improvements to the Evolution series share aspects across the size range based on simulation and advanced analysis.

Robit top hammer bit

For small size bits, development focused especially on the specific needs of high-power and high-frequency drilling in tunnelling and drifting applications. 

Multiple model approaches were taken, with the boldest design boasting just six extra-large buttons in a 48-mm bit. All variants were extensively tested with customers and set against conventional hard rock bits. In the end, the best results were gleaned from modifications and optimization to face design, but particularly from increasing both gauge and face button numbers, as well as increasing the number of flushing holes. 

In the medium-to-large sizes, significant performance strides were taken by diving deep into flushing properties. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations proved valuable in the pre-test phase, quickly finding optimal solutions and truly significant impacts. The 76-mm Retrac button bit has the signature Robit curving grooves and the sleek geometry flows through to the new face design. 

The simulations clearly show that the new model isn't just easy on the eye. The flow pattern is more even, which reduces bit erosion. Field tests confirmed what the technical simulation background work had already proven; partner drillers were happy with the excellent performance and noted better flushing and longer grinding intervals. 

Dawson Engineering's excavator-mounted drilling machine
For Dawson Engineering, 2017 has led to the launch of two new machines intended to make it easier for customers to drill on the job.

Dawson Engineering’s excavator-mounted drilling machine

Dawson's excavator-mounted drilling machine has been designed to fit via an adaptor plate to the stick arm of an excavator and runs via the flow and return lines that normally supply the bucket or a double-acting breaker circuit.

 There are two models to choose from: the EMD-15 drilling drive will turn utility and small foundation augers in most soil types. The auto-shift feature allows the drive to automatically shift between high speed/low torque and low speed/high torque. The EMD-20 drilling drive will also handle utility and small foundation augers. Its auto-shift feature allows the drive to automatically select the best drilling speed and torque. By selecting the correct drill bit combined with the down-crowd force of the excavator the EMD will make light work of the most demanding conditions. Another benefit of the EMD is that because it is mounted on an excavator, customers can drill vertical holes anywhere the machine can go.

More from Foundations

Lone Star Drills introduces new high-torque motor for large rig

Lone Star Drills, a division of Little Beaver Inc. and manufacturer of efficient and portable drilling equipment, introduces high-torque Rineer rotary vane hydraulic motors for its LS400T+. The powerful water well and geothermal drill is Lone Star's largest rig and efficiently drills as deep as 400 feet through hard rock and volcanic formations. The new hydraulic motor reduces rotary service time from days to less than an hour.

Bauer's biggest rig drills deep foundation in tricky conditions for Western Canada's tallest tower

A renewal is taking place in downtown Edmonton, Alberta, one that has taken an old warehousing area and is turning it into a shining new retail, residential and commercial hub for the community. The ICE District is a collection of towers being constructed around Rogers Place, the new home of the Edmonton Oilers; when completed, one of those towers will be the tallest in Western Canada.

Soilmec moves to Stage V with Volvo Penta engines

Italian ground engineering manufacturer Soilmec will install Volvo Penta's new 13-litre Stage V solution in its SR-75 piling rig. Following a successful outcome of equipping the rig with Volvo Penta's EU Stage IIIA and Stage IV engines, Soilmec has selected the Swedish company's D13 Stage V solution for future production. The change comes ahead of the new emissions regulations coming into force in 2019.

Liugong buys into piling foundation equipment manufacturer Jintai

Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd (LiuGong) announced a 546M RMB (85.24M USD) acquisition of 51% shares in Shanghai Jintai Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. (Jintai) which was formerly held by Guangxi Liugong Group Corp. The deal can be traced back to the May of 2011 when LiuGong Group, parent company of LiuGong, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Mechanical and Electrical Industry Co., Ltd and Shanghai Electric International Economic & Trading Co., Ltd, the 2 subsidiaries of Shanghai Electric (Group) Corp., and bought in a 51% share of Shanghai Jintai Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.

Equipment Sales & Service expands drilling and foundation sector with Selix acquisition

Equipment Sales & Service Limited has recently acquired Selix Equipment Inc. Morgan Cronin, President of ESS, states: "ESS is extremely excited about this acquisition. It is a perfect fit for our growth strategy and will expand our footprint across Canada. In addition, the core skills of Selix personnel will greatly enhance our ability to sell and support the Soilmec line of equipment that we represent. We welcome Selix into the ESS Corporate Group."

Selecting the Right Solid Tires for Industry Specific Applications

Approximately twenty years ago, those of us working in the off-road heavy equipment industry regularly witnessed a high amount of failures in machines operating on cement or other hard surfaces. Extended steel rims were used with small, hard, rubber wheels. When these rubber tires chipped and chunked, vibrations and bouncing sent shockwaves into the machine, causing shortened life and expensive repairs, not to mention stress on operators. Drivetrain components (U-joints and articulation joints) in particular often suffered from stress cracks caused by vibrations and a bouncing machine. 

Sheet Pile Walls Drive Hamilton Harbour Cleanup

At the western end of Lake Ontario lies Hamilton Harbour, a busy port that has for over a century served shipping and heavy industry in the Great Lakes. For much of that century, the industrial users nearby have released various contaminants into the environment that today are targeted by extensive cleanup efforts.

Liebherr Drilling Rigs Deployed for Plant Expansion at Airbus Defence and Space

Two Liebherr drilling rigs, an LB 28-320 and an LB 36-410, are being used for deep foundation work as part of the Airbus Defence and Space plant extension in Immenstaad am Bodensee, Germany. The machines are equipped with the rotary drives BAT 320 and BAT 410. The company Kurt Motz Baubetriebsgesellschaft GmbH & Co KG is carrying out foundation work for a new production building for the “Integrated Technology Center (ITC)” at the premises of Airbus Defence and Space, a division of the Airbus Group.

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Liebherr crawler concrete pump for bored piling foundations

Liebherr's newest crawler concrete pump the THS 110 D4f-K features a maximum concrete output of 133 yd³/h (102 m³/h) powered by a six-cylinder engine an is equipped with a powerful pump unit, known for its smooth operation and powerful suction. An open hydraulic circuit guarantees reduced system maintenance requirements. Additional structural details also contribute to optimum serviceability. High importance was afforded during the design phase to ensure that wear parts could be replaced quickly and easily. The smooth surfaces of the pump housing are easy to clean and the shape of the concrete hopper, devoid of edges and projections, minimizes the accumulation of concrete residue and soiling. An extensive standard scope of delivery for the crawler concrete pump includes for example, a 500-liter capacity water tank with water pump, as well as a lockable toolbox.

Handling the Big Digs

Southern Ontario is a challenging environment for construction companies to operate, due to soil conditions, water tables and the general busy nature of the region. When the company’s business is focused on shoring, piling installation, and other foundation-related construction, those conditions become even more challenging.

Powerful yet flexible new surface drill rig

Drillers in the construction, aggregate and limestone quarrying industries have a powerful yet highly flexible new surface drill rig with low cost of ownership. The Atlas Copco PowerROC T45, with telescoping boom, drills precise holes from 3 to 5 inches in diameter.

TT Technologies to display full line of trenchless tools and equipment at CONEXPO

TT Technologies will be displaying its full line of trenchless piercing tools, pipe ramming tools and pipe bursting tools, at CONEXPO 2017 in Las Vegas, NV. Attendees will be able to see the complete line of trenchless equipment including the Grundoburst static pipe bursting system and Grundocrack pneumatic pipe bursting tools.

The Grundoburst static pipe bursting system utilizes a specially designed bladed cutter head to make bursting ductile iron and steel pipe possible. The Grundoburst systems range in size from 45 to 287 tons of pullback force and can be used to burst pipe from 4 to 48 inches. Grundocrack pneumatic pipe bursting tools can be used to burst fracturable pipe from 4 to 54 inches in diameter. Grundoram pneumatic pipe ramming tools can be used to ram steel casings ranging in size from 6 through 144 inches in diameter.

Drilling company tackles challenging B.C. transportation projects

Henry Foundation Drilling Inc. (HFDI) is a privately owned drilling company which is sought out for its cutting-edge drilling capability, as well as the ability to provide unique, innovative insights into achieving the core requirements of a project with the most effective solution. Their experience and partnerships with established engineering companies combine to provide clients with real solutions and within the available budget.

Deep foundation equipment from Liebherr deployed by Hilti & Jehle GmbH

The Austrian construction company Hilti & Jehle GmbH is relying on modern and high performance machines from Liebherr for complex deep foundation tasks. A rotary drilling rig type LB 44 is currently working on the construction of a factory building in Dornbirn. At the end of last year, Liebherr’s new piling and drilling rig LRB 355 celebrated its debut on one of Hilti & Jehle’s jobsites.

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Little Beaver heavy-duty geotechnical drill rig

Little Beaver has introduced the new Lone Star LST1 heavy-duty geotechnical drill rig. The LST1G+HD drills to 100 feet with an optional 4.25-inch hollow stem auger. The new model offers enhanced power and capabilities when compared to Little Beaver’s smaller LST1G+ geotechnical drill. Little Beaver added a planetary reduction gearbox for more torque and a reduction mechanism for increased push/pull-back force over its standard geotechnical drill rig. It gives engineers and soil technicians an efficient, robust and dependable drill for standard penetration tests (SPT) and sampling soils for academic testing.

The new Sandvik Commando DC130Ri – tougher than ever

The new Commando DC130Ri – a rubber tired compact size top hammer drill rig – is the latest addition to Sandvik Construction’s surface drilling product offering. The new machine includes a large number of upgraded features developed through consultations with customers, while the foundation of the unit is based on the series of drill rigs launched in 1988. It is in fact the years of experience that guarantee a versatile, highly productive drill rig combined with intelligence and top-rated mobility.

Sandvik DT912D offers intelligent efficiency to underground mineral excavation

Sandvik Construction is introducing a completely new tunnelling jumbo to its extensive offering, the DT912D. Designed especially for limestone applications, this new high-reach single-boom jumbo is completely self-contained. It is powered with a fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly Tier 4 Final diesel engine and equipped with onboard compressor and water-tank for air-mist flushing. With the new Intelligent, state-of-the-art control system it will bring to customers high quality and increased productivity in both tunneling and underground mine production.

Sandvik DC125R compact, top hammer drill rig

The rubber-tired DC125R mini rig is at its best in applications such as foundation drilling, road cutting, trenching, bolting, line drilling in dimensional stone quarries, and special drilling applications.

Cat MD5075C Track Drill designed for easy maintenance

The new Cat MD5075C Track Drill is designed for productivity, durability and low total cost of ownership. Cat rock drills deliver three times the lifespan of competitive drills, and the Cat carousel rod changer and drill rod handling system are a reliable mechanical design with no sensitive electronic sensors to cause downtime. The proven Cat C9 engine and Cat 315E excavator undercarriage further enhance productivity and reliability.

A Straight Line to Success for GO Drilling

Drilling straight holes in unstable rock formations is an accomplishment and GO Drilling Inc. does it all the time. As a result, the Ottawa drilling and blasting company enjoys a reputation as a “straight-shooter”. “We face lots of different types of rocks in Ontario: soft rocks easy to drill, soft abrasive rocks, and hard granite with lots of seams,” says Mat Oswald, the company’s operations manager. “The seamy rock is especially challenging. It is our biggest challenge in keeping straight holes and accuracy.”

BSP Rapid Impact Compactors are Heavier, More Productive Ground Improvement Equipment

To meet the demand for a heavier and more productive ground improvement equipment BSP International Foundations has unveiled the latest addition to the company’s lineup of Rapid Impact Compactors (RIC). The new RIC-16000 model joins an established four-model range offering dropweights from 5 tons up to 16 tons. Depending on prevailing ground conditions, this model is capable of significant ground consolidation to depths of more than 8 m.

Stabilizing a Landslide-Prone Highway

Since it was built in 1984, active landslides have plagued an ill-fated, 2.5 km stretch of highway 744 that rests above the town of Peace River, about 500 km northwest of Edmonton. The two-lane highway runs along the sloping face of a narrow ridge that separates the Peace River and Heart River valleys.

New Sonic Pile Anchors Provide Earthquake Protection

It has taken more than 50 years for sonic drilling research to come full circle and back to one of its earliest uses as a pile driver. Today, new sonic piling technology is far superior and set to revolutionize the construction industry as well as help create new revenue streams for drilling companies.

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Atlas Copco Diamondback Modular Rig for Safer, More Versatile Drilling

The new Atlas Copco Diamondback drill rig with optional sliding-angle mast drilling capability of 90 to 45 degrees offers drillers precisely the rig they need with shortened lead time. The rig’s bolt-on modular components – a new concept in rig design – make it a truly multipurpose rig. Drillers can respond to rapid, after-sale changes in market opportunities and create a rig customized to their needs.

Vibratory Pile Drivers Eliminate Need for Cranes, Loaders and Telehandlers

The Sonic SideGrip vibratory pile driver is an excavator-mounted attachment with articulating arms and side-gripping jaws that speed and simplify the pile driving process. Three-hundred-and-sixty degree rotation and three-axis movement make it possible to pick up piling, transport it across the jobsite, place it into position and drive it into the soil with one fluid motion. In addition to safety benefits, this eliminates the need for peripheral equipment such as cranes, loaders and telehandlers.

Small Drills Get In And Out of Tight Spots

The easily customizable LAD Series drills from Bay Shore Systems are small drills for excavators in the 5,500 to 22,000-kg weight class and are specially designed to bring deep drilling capabilities to jobsites with severely restricted access.

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