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Solar-powered job site security projects integrated with BIM 360

Solar-powered job site security projects integrated with BIM 360

Sensera Systems, a manufacturer of solar-powered job site monitoring and site security products, has integrated its SiteCloud software with Autodesk BIM 360. The integration saves time and improves accuracy of job site documentation by fully automating the collection and archival of as-built progress images and enabling direct comparison with design plans.

All existing and new SiteCloud users can now integrate their project images with their Autodesk BIM 360 project. All image and video types available in SiteCloud are supported. Transfer can be done manually at any time or setup for daily automatic transfer. BIM 360 users can access transferred images and video for viewing or other workflow within BIM 360.

SiteCloud provides automated cloud-based archival of construction site image and video documentation using 100% solar/wireless site cameras including Sensera's MC26, MC78, and SiteWatch-PRO models.

"This is a great example of Sensera's dedication to creating the future of construction site automation today," said David Gaw, CEO of Sensera Systems. "By connecting SiteCloud to BIM 360, as-built photographic documentation can flow from the jobsite to the BIM with less effort and fewer errors. The ability to compare daily as-built images with the building design will enable project management teams to find issues earlier and avoid major cost and schedule overruns." 

"As a user of both Sensera's SiteCloud software and camera systems and Autodesk BIM 360, we are excited about how this integration could improve our project workflows. It is a great example of how bringing BIM to the field (and bringing the field to BIM!) will continue to improve construction efficiency and quality. Any time you can automate relevant features and add more validity to 3D model usage for our teams and clients - that's a win." - Gary Scholten, Innovation Field Specialist, DPR Construction.

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