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Insulated truck-mounted aerial platform

Insulated truck-mounted aerial platform

Bronto Skylift will be showing and demonstrating their Model SI 219 HDT-C, the world's tallest insulated truck-mounted aerial platform, in Stand N2054 at ICUEE, the International Construction and Utility Equipment Expo. The show will be held October 3 -5, 2017 in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Model SI 219 HDT-C shown at ICUEE is a telescoping Insulated aerial device rated to 765kV that features a whopping 219-foot (67m) working height with 89-feet (27m) of horizontal outreach and up to 1,000-pounds (454kg) capacity in the spacious 7-foot platform.  When used with a 5-foot platform and standard 900-pound (408 kg) capacity material handler that easily folds out of way when not in use, total platform and material handler capacity increases to 1125 pounds (510kg). 

Mounted on a Tor10x6 chassis, the Model SI 219 HDT-C, allows workers to drive to a location, raise the boom, and, with 360º continuous turntable rotation precisely place the working platform almost anywhere overhead in a matter of minutes.

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