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New Husqvarna PP 490 is all you need in one compact power pack

Husqvarna PP 490  power pack.
Husqvarna PP 490 power pack.

The PP 490 power pack is all an operator needs to run Husqvarna high-frequency equipment. It is designed to power almost all of the Husqvarna PRIME high frequency product range as well as the Husqvarna WS 482 HF wall saw, including when the wall saw is used with the CS 10 wire saw. Operators can accomplish more work with fewer pieces of equipment.

“With the PP 490, operators have the advantage of a modular system that makes it possible to use several machines with one single power source. This way operators have the flexibility to make cuts with a wall saw and also use a power cutter or chainsaw for overcutting all with one power pack. It saves valuable setup time and the time it would normally take to switch between different machines,” says Johan Ekstrom, Product Manager - Wall and Wire Saws.

The PP 490 is operated by a wireless remote control enabling excellent control of sawing and freedom to move around the jobsite. The remote control has a clear display that shows current performance of the saw in use.

Operators can use the power pack to run the high frequency WS 482 HF wall saw, CS 10 wire saw as well as the PRIME K 6500 power cutter, K 6500 Ring power cutter, K 6500 Chain saw and DM 650 drill motor.

With the PP 490, operators can use several high frequency machines with a single power source.

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