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GOMACO introduces the 3300, the world’s most intelligent multi-application paver

GOMACO’s 3300 features a symmetrical design that makes it easy to pave from right side and left side.
GOMACO’s 3300 features a symmetrical design that makes it easy to pave from right side and left side.

GOMACO is introducing the new 3300 multi-application slipform paver at Bauma 2016. The 3300 features extreme steering capabilities with Smart Leg and Track Positioning, and a Smart Telescoping Mold mounting system for paving from the right side or left side of the paver. The original GT-3300 has been re-engineered with the latest in technology with the G+ control system.

GOMACO’s 3300 was specifically designed for right side and left side pour capabilities. It features a symmetrical design that makes it easy to pave from either side. Its U-shaped operator’s platform provides a complete view of the entire paving operation from anywhere on the platform. The control console easily slides from side-to-side to accommodate the direction of the pour. The 3300’s design includes a 20-foot-long (6.1-m) conveyor with four-way hydraulic positioning which allows perfect placement of the concrete into the hopper on either side of the 3300. The four-way positioning includes pivoting tilt, pivoting swing, longitudinal slide, and sideshifting. The conveyor hydraulically folds to reduce the overall transport length of the paver.

The 3300’s Extreme Steering is accomplished with hydraulic rotational drives on the tracks and G+ controls. The 3300’s two front legs are mounted on parallelogram-style pivot arms and the rear leg has power slide for positioning. Their smart leg positioning is accomplished with smart cylinders and the G+ digital control system along with Smart Track Rotation to provide the G+ control system with the exact location and position of the tracks and reference to their straight ahead line.

Another unique feature on the 3300 is the Smart Telescoping Mold mounting system for reference to G+ for repeatable mold offset. It has the GOMACO Hook-and-Go mold mounting system to quickly and efficiently change from one mold profile to the next. The trimmerhead and mold sideshift and vertically-adjust to clear obstacles which allows the 3300 to pave right up to obstacles.

The G+ control system easily interfaces with stringline or a 3D guidance system for the 3300 multi-application paver. The 3300 on display at Bauma will feature the latest in telematics and GOMACO Remote Diagnostics.

The GOMACO stand at Bauma 2016 will also feature right side and left side pour barrier with the 4400 barrier paver. The all-new GP3, the world’s most intelligent concrete paver for slipforming widths up to 30 feet (9.14 m), will make its international debut at Bauma 2016. The GOMACO four-track GHP-2800 slipform paver will be set up to pave a 7.5 meter (24.6-foot) slab. The GT-3600 curb and gutter machine will be on display. A three-track Commander III will showcase its versatility set up to slipform a grooved slab. GOMACO’s “little” curb machine, the Curb Cadet, will round out the GOMACO’s Bauma display. Along with the paving equipment, the GOMACO Smoothness Indicator (GSI) will be showcased as a tool for meeting rideability with on-the-go smoothness monitoring.

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