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Komatsu to introduce the >200-ton-class PC7000 mining shovel at Bauma

The Komatsu PC7000 mining shovel.
The Komatsu PC7000 mining shovel.

Komatsu is one of the largest mining equipment manufacturers in the world and its broad product range includes dump trucks, dozers, wheel loaders, excavators and hydraulic mining shovels. With the new PC7000 mining shovel, Komatsu extends its loading machines portfolio in the >200 ton class. The Komatsu PC7000 meets the mining industry’s requirements for high productivity and according to the company offers the lowest cost-per-ton in its class.

Customer-oriented development

The new PC7000 mining shovel does justice to Komatsu’s innovative design philosophy and technology-driven engineering. It represents the latest in mining technology, and close collaboration with Komatsu partners from around the world was essential to its development. With mining becoming ever more challenging, a customer-oriented approach was selected: Komatsu customers were asked to define their requirements for the next generation of shovels. Safety, productivity, maintainability and performance were key drivers requested by long-term partners, and all were taken into consideration by the Komatsu engineers.

The result: a new Komatsu PC7000

Komatsu designed this 677 ton machine with the aim to create the safest and highest performing shovel in its class. Powered by two 1,250 kW diesel engines the Komatsu PC7000 can lift a 36 m³ (47 yd³) front shovel bucket. Adapting to different mining approaches and circumstances, Komatsu also provides, in option, backhoe attachments with a 36 m³ (47 yd³) bucket and an electric drive train.

Operation and maintenance

By design, the shovel perfectly matches 240 to 290 short ton trucks such as the Komatsu 830E and Komatsu 860E. Operators will experience improved ease when digging and bucket filling as Komatsu reviewed both the bucket design and hydraulic layout. With the new open circuit, hydraulic system the shovel swings faster and penetrates the material easier. Reduced maintenance time, thanks to increased width of walkways and repositioning of major service points for easier access, was taken into account when scheming the shovel. Komtrax Plus, the latest Komatsu machine monitoring system, is installed on the machine and lets customers check the operating status of their machine. On request, data can be transferred via satellite directly to maintenance specialists to inform them of actual hydraulic pressures and engine performance.

Safety matters

A safe operation is also a productive operation. Continuing to improve machine and human safety, Komatsu developed a new safety concept for this new machine. The Komatsu PC7000 is equipped with an illuminated 45-degree primary access and egress stairway. In case of emergency, a solid anti-slip, flip-down ladder provides secure egress form the cab and machinery house. In addition, Komatsu has upgraded the light arrangements to LED technology for brighter and safer service and operation. 

Komatsu will officially introduce the PC7000 at Bauma.

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