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First-person video shows ease-of-use and performance of VMAC's UNDERHOOD LITE

VMAC has released a new video that shows the end-user just how easy and safe it is to work with a VMAC UNDERHOOD Lite air compressor system. The video utilizes an approach that is unique in the mobile air industry by filming with a first-person camera to show the true Real User Experience of completing a job with the UNDERHOOD Lite air compressor on a Mercedes Sprinter van.

The 2 minute and 40 second video depicts the first-person, end-user perspective of a maintenance technician fixing some problems on a forklift. In that short time, the technician turns on the air compressor, hooks up a dust-removal tool and cleans a filter, goes back to the van and chooses an impact gun and a socket, hooks up the tool then uses it to remove a tire, and replaces another tire. This makes it clear how easy it is to use the VMAC UNDERHOOD Lite, while illustrating some of the safety features and other benefits of the air compressor. The video shows a Sprinter van and highlights some of the benefits that fix van-specific issues caused by other air compressors, however usage is almost identical for trucks.

"Helping our dealers and end-users maximize their return on investment in VMAC products is one of our primary goals as a company," says Mike Pettigrew, Marketing Manager. "Our intent is that videos like this do exactly that."

The VMAC UNDERHOOD Lite is available on the following vehicles:

Ford Transit van
Dodge Promaster van
Ford Powerstroke 6.7L truck
Mercedes Sprinter van
Dodge 6.7L Cummins truck
GMC Savana van

Company info

1333 Kipp Road
Nanaimo, BC
CA, V9X 1R3


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