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XL 13-axle 140,000-pound capacity trailer

The XL 140 Hydraulic Detachable Extendable 13-Axle trailer.
The XL 140 Hydraulic Detachable Extendable 13-Axle trailer.

The XL 140 Hydraulic Detachable Extendable 13-Axle trailer is rated at 140,000 pounds capacity and can handle large machinery or commercial freight. With a low rear deck height of 28 inches, this trailer can haul freight normally seen on a step deck, but with the added efficiency of a hydraulic neck. The 13-axle unit includes a 3-axle trailer, 3-axle jeep and 3-axle power booster. The classic-style hydraulic gooseneck is 13 feet 8 inches long and includes a 52-inch fifth wheel height with seven ride height positions as well as a 9-foot 9-inch flip neck for the three-axle jeep.

The 57-foot 9-inch long main deck is 29 feet long and opens to 50 feet 3 inches with extension stops every two feet. A sub-frame disconnect allows for deck inserts to be added, or for the main deck to be switched out if needed. At 102 inches wide and 29 feet long, the ground clearance is 6 inches for a 26-inch loaded deck height. The width of the main deck can be extended to 10 feet 6 inches with 12-inch removable swing-out outriggers. It also can be outfitted with 13 bent D-rings and 10 chain drops per side, and 31-inch front flip ramps. The deck also features 1-3/8th-inch raised apitong decking.

The 15-foot 1-inch long rear deck has a bolster-style wheel area with two bent D-rings on each bolster. Equipped with a battery back up system, strobe lights stay on even when the neck is detached. Both the rear deck and the power booster’s axles go through the trailer frame to achieve a loaded deck height of 28 inches, only two inches higher than the main deck.

The XL 3-Axle Power Booster provides additional flexibility and user control, as it scales an adjustable amount of weight from the rear of the trailer to the axles behind the power booster. Nitrogen gas accumulators not only help to scale the load over the axles more evenly, they also act as shock absorbers and reduce impact on the booster.  

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