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Level Lift System Provides Safe, Easy Solution for Multi-Point Lifts

LL-Series Level Lift System
LL-Series Level Lift System

Enerpac’s LL-Series Level Lift System for safe and even lifting and lowering of unbalanced loads features a robust yet simple design and can control up to four lift points at once without complicated electronics or sensors at each lift point.

The Level Lift System is a fully configured and assembled system, which includes a ZE4 pump, hoses, gauges and cart. During operation, uneven loads are moved evenly as the Level Lift valve sends a fixed volume of oil to each cylinder while lifting or lowering. Regardless of the distribution of weight in the application, or the resulting pressure at each lift point, the Level Lift System strokes each cylinder by the same amount. Each cylinder must have the same effective area.

“For applications with multiple lift points, the Level Lift System provides a safe, fast lifting solution,” said Mark Johnson, director of Global Product Management at Enerpac. “With the ability to control up to four lift points simultaneously, and an intuitive, user-friendly design, the Level Lift System provides our customers with a safe, easy solution for demanding lifts.”

Configured with a simple, three-button pendant, the Level Lift System allows for a single point of control away from the application to reduce the risk of operator miscommunication. The Lift/Lower valve enables easy switching between lift and lower modes. Gauges are located on the cart for convenient pressure monitoring.

The Level Lift System is compatible with a wide range of Enerpac single-acting cylinders. 

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