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New Liebherr R 950 Tunnel Crawler Excavator for Tunnel Height of 5 to 8 Metres

Machine satisfies Phase IV and Tier 4 Final requirements

New Liebherr R 950 Tunnel Crawler Excavator for Tunnel Height of 5 to 8 Metres

Following the different models showcased at the Intermat 2015 exhibition in Paris, Liebherr-France SAS is launching a new model of the crawler excavator, the R 950 Tunnel, which will replace the R 944 C Tunnel. Developed by Liebherr-France SAS in Colmar (France) the model is dedicated to the construction of tunnels and impresses with its compact size, high productivity and comfort.

The new Liebherr R 950 Tunnel crawler excavator has an operating weight of approx. 45 tonnes. The Liebherr designed diesel engine delivers power up to 150kW / 204 hp (190 kW / 258 hp optional). It satisfies the exhaust gas emissions of Phase IV / Tier 4 Final which is common to all Liebherr engines. This new machine adapts to a tunnel height of 5 to 8 metres.

The R 950 Tunnel crawler excavator allows working confined spaces. The height adjustment facility automatically stops the movement of the excavator to avoid impact with the surroundings. The short radius of gyration as well as the rear and lateral cameras also minimize the risk of collision with walls, surrounding material and the staff on site. Overall, damage to the equipment, hoses and pipes as well as impact with the tunnel walls are minimized.

The productivity and flexibility of the R 950 Tunnel crawler excavator is enhanced by the diversity of the necessary tools in tunnel applications (bucket, hydraulic hammer, drill, drilling rail, etc.). The breakout forces have been increased compared to the previous model, the R944C Tunnel. A specific hydraulic system for mounting cutting heads enables an increase in power, hydraulic oil flow and optimized cooling of the hydraulics. The tool change is carried out by the hydraulic quick coupler, whilst the flow rate, pressures and return of flow are adjusted from the cab. A comfortable cab is available in two versions: Open (without windscreen or side windows) or Enclosed. The operator is protected by an ROPS integral structure while the visibility is optimized by the rear and the lateral cameras. Despite the compactness of the excavator, it has been designed to reduce downtime and maintenance costs. 

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