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Terex TC1150 Cone Crusher Features Newly Designed Upper Frame, Larger CSS

Improves upon design of Terex TC1000 & TC1300

Terex TC1150 Cone Crusher Features Newly Designed Upper Frame, Larger CSS

Terex MPS has announced the launch of the new TC1150 cone, which is designed around the high performance Terex TC1000 & TC1300 cones, with several improvements to enhance performance and functionality.

The first improvement is related to the upper frame and concave retention. The TC1150 has a newly designed upper frame accommodating all available concave liners. The locking ring design has been improved to eliminate the need to hammer in concave retaining wedges.

The wedge ring and upper frame have also been improved. Key features include an inner skirt better protected to accommodate larger closed side setting (CSS), increasing product size. The TC1150 also has increased stroke clearance allowing for larger maximum CSS and tramp clearance.

Key features of the mantel nut include a smaller head nut which results in less restrictive feed opening, and inclusion of burning/torch ring helps speed up mantle liner replacement.

In addition, the new mantle liner top collar gives easier straight lift capability and eliminates need for welding on lifting lugs.

The TC1150 has a gross weight of 14 tons with a nominal cone head diameter of 1,150 mm. Maximum feed size of medium course 190 mm and extra course 220 mm with a 65 mm standard long throw at 300 hp and optional 50 mm short throw at 250 hp. The TC1150 has a variable speed range to suit application requirements from 1,563 rpm to 1,700 rpm on the countershaft.

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