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Skid-Mounted Sealcoating Machine

Skid-Mounted Sealcoating Machine

The 1,500-gallon capacity of the ESSP 1500S skid-mounted sealcoating machine reduces the time associated with refilling the tank on large projects and the number of trips a contractor needs to make to the sealer manufacturer or distributor. In addition, the unit’s electric super sand pump (ESSP) system features a variable speed control and produces as much as 100 gpm, the fastest transfer rate among piston pumps on the market. With this system, operators can cover areas up to 40 percent faster than diaphragm pumps.

The 1500S features an in-line surge tank that reduces material surging to ensure continuous flow of material for uniform coverage. The hydraulic agitation system with chain reduction features a unique three-blade design; the blades are offset to ensure two blades are in the material at all times, which produces a more thoroughly mixed product.

The hydraulically driven, electrically controlled ESSP system features Generation III pump heads that serve as the brain for the system and feature a specialized, time-tested design for reliable pumping power.

The pump includes 2.5-gallon material filters that capture more debris so the machine can spray longer between filter cleanings. Further, the ESSP pumps have 75 percent fewer parts than traditional air pumps and their leather cups tightly seal to the plates inside the pump to prevent material from leaking. Leather cups only need to be flushed once per year, which can save up to 30 minutes per day. The seals last up to 200,000 gallons, depending on the sand load.

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