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Dressta To Launch New Hydrostatic Compact Dozers

Dressta To Launch New Hydrostatic Compact Dozers

Dressta is launching its new TD9 Hydrostatic Crawler Dozer. This high-performance, compact crawler dozer has been developed by Dressta’s team of expert engineers, and is the first of three new world-class models that range from 74 to 101 Net HP.

The new model has been validated by expert operators at a series of pre-launch performance trials at the Dressta proving grounds in Poland. The TD9, due to be launched in the third quarter of 2015, was presented to equipment owners and dozer operators from the key markets of North America and Canada. They put the Iron to the test in a series of challenging trials designed push the performance of the new hydrostatic dozers to the limit, and provided their feedback to help fine-tune the machine’s performance.

“The operators’ input in regards to ergonomics and command of control played a key role in refining the design. As a result, the low-effort controls for the blade and dual path hydrostatic drivetrain deliver the required response in all applications of machine performance.” said Howard Dale, Global Vice President of Sales at Dressta.

The key components of the new models are from worldwide renowned suppliers such as Cummins, and Rexroth, while the structural design and DNA are a natural progression of Dressta’s decades of experience in building crawler dozers and other construction equipment.

The three models are equipped with Cummins Tier IV Final engines and cover a horsepower range of 74 to 101 Net horsepower. This innovative engine technology features ultra-clean aftertreatment systems while simultaneously providing excellent fuel efficiency.

Power, performance, reliability and durability are the critical factors for the power unit in a crawler dozer. With the Cummins Tier IV Final engine, the new Dressta models meet these criteria comfortably, with the additional benefits of, enhanced productivity and a reduction in overall operating costs.

Dual Path Hydrostatic Drive Delivers Maximum Productivity

Dressta’s variable bi-directional dual path hydrostatic drive is controlled by a programmable electronic control module. This provides the perfect match between load and ground speed, regardless of the ground condition or specific dozing application. The result ensures that operators have full command during the most challenging of tasks, such as when dozing with a full load or performing precise final grade operations.

The operators have the ability to adjust the presets of the tractor to meet the requirements of the task at hand. They can choose to programme variables such as forward to reverse speed ratio, or enable ‘Power’ ‘Normal’ and ‘Economy’ modes depending on the job conditions. The versatility to choose between different modes and the flexible speed control provide both enhanced productivity and excellent grade accuracy.

Independent track control delivers the required speed changes to each side and allows for smooth, full-power turns. On-site maneuverability and job performance are further strengthened by the stable counter-rotation feature, whilst the low centre of gravity delivers stable and safe operation when working on slopes or in rugged terrain.

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