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New Entry-Level Argo Models Now Equipped With EFI Engines

Faster response times in cold weather with EFI equipped Frontier 8 x 8 when seconds count.
Faster response times in cold weather with EFI equipped Frontier 8 x 8 when seconds count.

Ontario Drive & Gear Ltd. (ODG) has introduced two new models of its ARGO Frontier line-up, featuring new Kohler engines with electronic fuel injection (EFI). With EFI engines, the amphibious Frontier 6-wheeled and 8-wheeled UTVs now offer unmatched high-altitude performance along with easier, dependable cold-weather starts, significant fuel savings and simpler maintenance.

These two new models, priced as entry-level vehicles for new ARGO owners, complete ODG’s transition from carbureted engines to EFI engines for its complete range of ARGO extreme terrain vehicles.

ODG Product Manager Tom Polanic explains that EFI engines in these new models translate into more fun for hunting and fishing enthusiasts, as well as fast response times for off-road emergency and rescue crews. “With traditional carburetion, engine performance starts to degrade above altitudes of 5,000 ft. Thanks to the automatic adjustment of the air fuel mixture, these Kohler engines will take you up to rivers and woodlands as high as 11,000 ft.

For first-responders in remote areas, the switch to EFI means “instant power” when their ARGO is called into service in cold weather, even after long periods in storage. “You just turn the key and go, every time,” says Polanic. “There’s no choke to fiddle with, no warm-up time, even when the temperature’s at -30oC. There’s no risk of flooding the engine, so it’s easier for new operators to get moving quickly. In snow rescues and mountain searches, seconds count – and these new Frontier models can save minutes.”

Apart from their practical advantages, according to Polanic, the 6x6 EFI and 8x8 EFI models are simply more fun to ride. The 6x6 Frontier EFI comes standard with Kohler’s air-cooled 19 hp Command Pro engine, while the 8x8 Frontier EFI steps up to the Kohler 23 hp Command Pro engine. Both engines have a higher cubic displacement for their horsepower rating, compared to previous carbureted engines. The result is a noticeable increase in throttle response along with more torque to help the vehicle scramble through broken terrain or dense woods.

New ARGO owners will also appreciate the lower operating costs that come with EFI engines. Fuel efficiency is better than previous carbureted engines, saving money and extending the range that the ARGOs can travel without refueling. The air-cooled engines also eliminate numerous service tasks from ARGO maintenance, with no radiator, pump or pulleys to clean, replace or manage.

The 6x6 Frontier EFI offers the option to run with the same 23 hp engine as the 8x8 model. It has a load capacity of up to 700 lb. (317 kg) on land, with a towing capacity of 1,200 lb. (545 kg), and capacity of 500 lb. (227 kg) on water. The 6x6 can transport 4 passengers on land or 2 on water.

The 6x6 750 HDi is the top of the line 6x6 model. It is powered by the same 23 hp Kohler Command Pro and coupled with the ADMIRAL transmission. When equipped with the ADMIRAL transmission in low gear, it performs similar to other 6x6 models: tight-turning, agile and responsive. In high gear, the vehicle performs similar to other side by sides on the market. Power loss is kept to a minimum allowing for smooth sweeping turns while trail riding. This benefit allows users to power through turns and immerse themselves in the thrill of off-road driving.

The 8x8 Frontier EFI can carry loads up to 1,000 lb. (454 kg) on land or 900 lb. (408 kg) on water and will tow up to 1,400 lb. (635 kg). It provides seating to transport up to 6 passengers on land and 4 on water.

Tight-turning and responsive the 750 HDi performs like the side by side UTV, except it can go where the others cannot.
Equipped with Kohler EFI engines these machines can climb and operate at 11,000 ft. above sea level.
EFI equipped Fire and Rescue units can scramble through broken terrain and dense woods where crews on foot cannot go.

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