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SKF Expanding Canadian Network of Certified Rebuilders for Electric Motor Repair

Electric motors are among the highest in reliability incident reports. For many companies, electric motor failures lead to a continual cycle of costly repairs and unplanned downtime - factors that can hurt the bottom line. Since 40% to 70% of motor failures are related to bearings, it's no surprise that high-quality bearings are key for reliable motors.

SKF Canada recently launched the SKF Certified Rebuilder program for electric motor repair and 4 shops have already achieved the certification:

- GMR Electric motors, Saskatoon, SK

- Les Entreprises LM, Montreal QC

- Continental Electric, Edmonton, AB

- GPR Industries, Grande Prairie, AB

To earn SKF Certified status, rebuild shop employees have to meet requirements in electric motor testing, bearing mounting and dismounting, lubrication and contamination control practices. Certified shops must also meet SKF standards in all areas of motor repair and maintenance, and are regularly audited to assure compliance.

The SKF Certified Rebuilders has access to SKF’s unparalleled collection of parts, tools, and technical support. They're kept up to date with the latest technologies and best practices. And they're empowered to perform root-cause failure analyses and troubleshooting. This allows them to quickly, efficiently, and effectively diagnose and fix electric motors.

Several more companies are in the process of becoming SKF Certified Rebuilders and the Canadian network will grow significantly in 2015.

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