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Marco Chiarabelli Brings Worldwide Experience to Soilmec North America as New Corporate Sales Area Manager

Expert sales support available to all Soilmec North American customers

Marco Chiarabelli - Soilmec New Corporate Sales Area Manager
Marco Chiarabelli - Soilmec New Corporate Sales Area Manager

Marco Chiarabelli has joined the Soilmec North America team as the new Corporate Sales Area Manager.

“Marco is a leader whose technical expertise is highly respected throughout the geotechnical and construction industry,” said Soilmec North America vice president Vincent Jue. “Marco’s worldwide experience gives him a keen understanding of what contractors need to provide their clients with high-quality projects. He’s managed large sales operations and complex technical projects in Europe and Asia. He’ll be a great asset to our Soilmec North America family of customers.”

Marco holds M.S. and B.S. degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Università di Bologna. He received a prestigious scholarship to complete his M.S. thesis work at the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University.

Marco began his professional career as Deputy Sales Manager for the Far East Area of Soilmec S.p.A., responsible for overseeing the sales operations in South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Hong Kong. For each country, he coordinated the activities of sales agents and dealers, developed strategies to increase sales of Soilmec products, and expanded the customer base.

Starting in 2011, Marco worked on the Cityringen metro expansion project in Copenhagen, Denmark – first as the Quality Supervisor and then as the Quality Manager – where he managed the execution of foundational works for all 21 metro stations and shafts for Trevi S.p.A. Under his direction, Trevi maintained their production schedule with a perfect safety record while meeting the highest quality standards. He then served as the Project Control Manager and Deputy Project Manager for Trevi Foundations Denmark A.S., where he supported and guided 240 employees among all departments – from construction to human resources.

This summer, Marco moved to the U.S. and became the new Soilmec North America Corporate Sales Area Manager. He now acts as a direct liaison between the North American agents and Soilmec’s technical and manufacturing staff in Italy. He works directly with customers, agents, and dealers to provide hands-on customer service, including after-sales service and support.

“I look forward to helping Soilmec customers find the right technical solutions and equipment for their projects,” said Marco. “As their supplier and partner, Soilmec helps our North American customers build their companies and build great projects.”

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