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The Winning Choice of Those Who Rely On MB

The Winning Choice of Those Who Rely On MB

It is precisely in this period, when the construction market is still shaky and uncertain, that is clear how MB’s crusher buckets offer the best solution ever for those who use them: a solution that offers many advantages and allows companies to cut costs and, in the meantime, to save time and money.

Firstly, MB’s crusher buckets guarantee practical use and reduced costs for material disposal, transport and supply and secondly, this product represents the typical investment aimed to boost the micro/macro economic cycle, now and in the future.

For this reason, whoever chooses MB’s crusher buckets does it not only for work requirements but also because they are looking to upgrade their equipment fleet and achieve higher work quality, in full respect for the environment.

We also should not underestimate the fact that the operating process of a crusher bucket is extremely simple. First of all, the material can be taken directly to a yard or to any other location. This is followed by a phase in which the material is prepared for the work cycle by means of grabs and jackhammers. This is how the loose material crushing process begins, the material having been previously picked up, hoisted, carried and unloaded by the same bucket, and lastly grounded at the desired thickness. The resulting material can be reused for other jobs at the same worksite or be taken to other worksites and used to build yards, road embankments, drainage systems and for filling in various excavations.

MB’s crusher bucket saves time, energy, resources and man/hours; it also leads to a significant reduction in costs relating to the entire disposal and procurement activity, precisely due to how easily the crusher bucket can be moved and its on-site use.

On top of the ever-important advantage is the reduction of environmental pollution, a fight that MB has been staunchly supporting, side by side with all its customers (the company is currently being certified ISO 14001). Indeed, the reused materials generated by excavations or demolitions means that the site will still be formed by the same materials as before the jobs were carried out. Not to mention the pollution generated by trips to the dump to dispose of the material and trips to procure it, as well as costs resulting from road wear caused by the trucks travelling back and forth.

Special attention should also be paid to the crusher bucket being employed to crush inert materials to be subsequently used to form the stabilized pavement for road foundations. In fact, many companies have chosen the MB crusher bucket as a must-have tool for their daily operations: the demolition and roadwork sector requires the recycling and production of materials to be reused, also offering the significant opportunity to sell directly the rubble and gravel.

Moreover, the impact of the crusher bucket is quite different from that of a fixed or movable crusher, especially when used in city centres: the use of a traditional crusher is often hindered by its size, which limits its use in many urban areas. The crusher bucket, on the other hand, used in conjunction with the excavator, can be employed at all urban worksites, including those located in tight spaces as well as in mountainous or hilly areas, where the use of a traditional crusher would not be feasible if only for the difficulty in transporting it to the site.

In any event, it should be taken into account that traditional installations always require an excavator for loading the crusher and another piece of equipment to clean the machine, without counting the preliminary operations of logistically setting up the material to be crushed.

Therefore, choosing a crusher bucket turns out to be a consistent choice for cost savings as well as for more “environmentally-friendly” operations.

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