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KOBELCO Introduces Upgraded SK35SR Model with Integrated iNDr Technology

KOBELCO's upgraded SK35SR excavator with iNDr technology.
KOBELCO's upgraded SK35SR excavator with iNDr technology.

KOBELCO Construction Machinery USA, has announced the launch of their newly enhanced SK35SR model. The SK35SR is now KOBELCO’s smallest model to feature their exclusive Integrated Noise and Dust Reduction Cooling System (iNDr). The newly redesigned, SK35SR model offers full-size performance with short-radius capabilities, quiet operation, and exceptional performance features. Prior to the new SK35SR model, KOBELCO’s innovative iNDr system was only available in larger model excavators.

This compact, yet robust machine incorporates KOBELCO’s iNDr technology into an advanced dual arrangement cooling system - the iNDr and eco-friendly system (iNDr+E). KOBELCO’s state-of-the-art iNDr+E feature utilizes the same high-tech iNDr system found in KOBELCO’s conventional excavators but differs by directing the muffler exhaust underneath the machine. In addition, the SK35SR’s innovative cooling system suppresses the machine’s noise to a minimal 76 dB., delivering the ultimate in quiet operation.

The SK35SR’s iNDr+E system provides superior protection from dust. The advanced filter takes outside air from the intake duct and moves it through the filter. This process keeps cooling components dirt-free, making the machine low-maintenance. KOBELCO’s SK35SR also allows for easy access to the cooling unit, where the filter itself can be easily removed and cleaned without the use of tools. Easy access to the engine compartment and electrical components ensure convenient day-to-day maintenance.

When it comes to jobsite performance, the SK35SR is tough. This model supplies ample muscle for heavy-duty digging and lifting, while its short tail swing radius makes it ideal for work in confined spaces. This versatile, 8,200 lb. machine boasts a digging force of 5,418 lbs. coupled with a dig depth of 10’ and a suggested bucket capacity of 3.88 cu.yds. Equipped with a large capacity, 23.1 hp. engine that meets Tier IV Final requirements, KOBELCO’s SK35SR packs plenty of power and outstanding hydraulic performance. Designed with an integrated-flow pump system, automatic two-speed travel shift, and a new 4-way blade option, the SK35SR provides greater travel power and dozer performance than ever before.

KOBELCO’s SK35SR offers maximum efficiency on the job. The new SK35SR iNDr+E model utilizes innovative energy conservation elements, including an “S” mode, which enables the machine to use 25 percent less fuel than its predecessor, as well as a one-touch deceleration button. This feature allows for easy switching to idle mode, which significantly reduces fuel consumption while the machine is at rest.

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