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VMAC UNDERHOOD Now Available For The Jeep J8

Application brings UNDERHOOD capabilities into underground mining

VMAC UNDERHOOD Now Available For The Jeep J8

VMAC has announced the latest application for its flagship UNDERHOOD air compressor system. It is now available on the mining certified Jeep J8 - a rugged vehicle originally designed for military use, which is now MSHA-certified and used largely in underground mining. The air compressor is rated for up to 70 CFM and up to 175 psi.

The UNDERHOOD is application engineered for the J8, taking into consideration the unique needs of the mining industry. Rather than mount the air-oil separator tank to the frame rail, where it normally resides on other applications, it is mounted in the box in a way that it takes up as little space as possible. The tank is small, measuring 34.7" (88.1 cm) in length and 6" (15.2 cm) in diameter, which ensures optimal space for tools and equipment. Like all UNDERHOOD70 applications, it weighs about 150lbs wet.

The UNDERHOOD and the Jeep J8 are ideal together because the J8's ruggedness matches the UNDERHOOD's reliability and performance in unusual conditions. The Jeep has a greatly enhanced cooling system that the UNDERHOOD system ties into. It is equipped with heavy duty rear leaf springs, affording a maximum payload of the 2,566 lbs and towing capacity of 7,716 lbs. Because it was originally designed for military use, its body is reinforced at stress points improving durability over challenging underground mining terrain.

The Jeep J8 with the UNDERHOOD will be used for maintenance on very large mining equipment that is so big it is not economical to move it above ground for servicing. It will also be used to start large underground mining machines that have a pneumatic starter, instead of an electric starter.

"The UNDERHOOD's size and low emissions make it a great fit for underground mining," says Dan Hutchinson, VMAC Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "We're excited to see the interest in the product and are confident it will help workers in the industry solve some of their challenges."

VMAC designed the UNDERHOOD system in consultation with Classic Motors' mining division, which upfits truck bodies for a variety of mining applications.

"This vehicle is used in underground mining already and is popular due to its adaptability," says Joseph Betar, owner of Classic Motors. "The UNDERHOOD is a natural fit for this diverse vehicle. We've always loved the UNDERHOOD for the RAM truck and knew that functionality would be beneficial in this application."

Many VMAC products are widely used in mining, including the recently released MSHA-certified VMAC RAPTAIR Diesel Drive, a standalone diesel driven Kubota engine air compressor system.

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