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Enerpac Introduces Industry’s Only Self-Locking Portable Lift System

Pow’R-LOCK portable lift system
Pow’R-LOCK portable lift system

Enerpac has introduced its new Pow’R-LOCK portable lift system, the industry’s only self-contained, self-locking lift system with a rated capacity of 200 tons. With full-time, automatic load holding protection through all stages of lifting and lowering, the Pow’R-LOCK system requires no operator intervention to activate its locking system.

Designed with a patent-pending control system that maintains the position of a rotating locking collar near the cylinder base, the Pow’R-LOCK system provides a mechanical lock regardless of cylinder movement. This unique control system ensures safe and secure lifting for off-highway machinery, including trucks, tractors and other heavy machinery.

“Hydraulic lifting systems can present significant safety risks to operators if the equipment is used inaccurately or unsafe lifting practices are applied,” said Anne Fancher, Global Marketing & Innovation Leader-Lifting Products, Enerpac. “The Pow’R-LOCK system ensures the best and safest outcome for any heavy lifting. With a touch of a button, the jack simply lifts and lowers the load, and if anything happens, the Pow’R-LOCK system is there to hold the load.”

Additional features of the Pow’R-LOCK portable lift system include:

  • Redundant lock valves add safety during operation
  • Pneumatic operation enables use in potentially hazardous environments
  • Ergonomic, fold-up six-position handle maximizes leverage and maneuverability for precise jack placement
  • Simple two-button operation raises and lowers the jack
  • Tilt saddle reduces side loading and extends the life of the jack
  • Large base plate increases ground contact, distributes load and resists tipping

The Pow’R-LOCK system is available in two versions with strokes of 14 in. or 25 in. (356 mm and 622 mm). 

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