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Innovation awards presented at bauma 2013

Every three years at the bauma trade show in Munich, Germany, the German construction industry presents innovation awards in several categories. The criteria which the jury uses to make their selections are: holding great promise for the future; practicality of application; contribution to environmental protection and to humanization of the workplace; and energy- and cost-efficiency coupled with performance.

This year, two award winners are Wirtgen and Kaiser.

Wirtgen won the Machinery Components award with their AutoPilot Field Rover which accelerates the processes in road construction, saves costs and delivers higher quality. Paving is much quicker because no digital terrain models are needed for the manufacture of monolithic profiles such as curbs or concrete safety barriers, and no stringlines need to be secured in the ground. The Wirtgen AutoPilot Field Rover can be operated by any machine operator, not just personnel trained in surveying. This saves time and costs. The system bases its calculations on the actual job site measurements and does not rely on site drawings, the latter often leading to inaccuracies that then need to be corrected, which of course incurs further cost and man-hours. As such the AutoPilot Field Rover achieves greater precision in paving. In addition, the slipform paver can automatically negotiate obstacles, thereby enhancing safety on the site and reducing the risk of machine damage to a minimum. 

Kaiser won the Design Award for their Walking Mobile Excavator. It is a successful blend of optimum function and optimum design. And that’s not an easy thing to do with a machine that climbs spider-like up and down slopes on four legs. 

In a report published at the end of the 1960s in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, the walking mobile excavator was described as follows: “It’s a digging machine with spider’s legs and all the charm of an illuminated telephone box.” Well that image has now changed. The cab of Kaiser’s walking mobile excavator blends harmoniously with the superstructure. Together with the base, these unite to form a successful overall design.  

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