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Roadtec's RP-2505

Roadtec's  RP-2505

Roadtec;s  new powerful, heavy-duty steel track paver the RP-2505 is a powerful 8’ (2.5m) steel-tracked paver built to operate with high density tamper bar screeds. The versatile machine is capable of achieving high densities in stiffer mixes such as cold mix, base materials, and roller compacted concrete as well as conventional hot mix asphalt.

The RP-2505 is the first Roadtec machine built to perform in the applications of both roller compacted concrete and hot mix asphalt. Although the machine is built for a wide range of applications, the RP-2505 still carries the same traditional features seen in all Roadtec pavers.

Visibility, maintenance access, and operator comfort highlight the RP-2505. The dual ComfortDrive™ operator stations include finger tip paver function control. The operator stations can move hydraulically beyond the sides of the machine for excellent visibility. The standard FXS™ fume extraction system draws the fumes from the rear auger and away from the operator area.

Both dual and single tamper bar screeds are available with the RP-2505. Tamper screeds provide a new and exciting set of features to the RP-2505. Although the screeds are electrically heated and vibratory, the tamper bars allow the screed to compact the material to extremely high densities. Adjustable, hydraulically driven vibrators combined with the variable stroke tamper bar allow the TTS/TS 2550 to beautifully handle difficult or less workable materials.

Thick layers, heavily modified asphalt, and roller compacted concrete are all paved with consistent compaction and surface texture with Roadtec tamper bar screeds.

Both tamper bar screeds have 8’4” (2.55m) hydraulically extendable extensions with integral rear mounted extensions that allow a maximum paving width of 16’8” (5.1m). The main screed plates and extensions screed plates are made of durable, 400 BHN material for extended life of the plates.

Both screed options include dual screed controls, and thermostatically controlled screed temperatures for smooth operation. A full width heavy duty walkway is included on the rear of the screed easy operator access to either side of the screed. Similar to screeds on other Roadtec pavers, mounting locations for automatic grade controls are found on the tow arms of the screed.

Oversized variable displacement pumps are used for propel and feed systems on all Roadtec pavers. The high-capacity pumps can run at optimum speed to keep components cool, leading to longer component life. A new dual hinge apron plate design allows easy access and clean-out of the feed system.  Access to hydraulic filters and test ports has been greatly improved by clustering these components in one easily accessed location.

A heavy-duty, anti-segregation feed system is standard on the RP-2505. The feed system is designed with durable, abrasion resistant components to combat segregation while lowering operating costs. Full offset link conveyor chains and chromium carbide clad floor plates increase the life of the wear parts and decrease the time spent on machine maintenance. The full offset link chains have a higher tensile strength increasing the chains’ wear life. The chromium carbide clad floor plates are dropped in, requiring no bolts and an exceptionally low amount of maintenance time.

Electric flow gates and 8” (203mm) hydraulic tunnel extensions provide excellent control of material flow from the hopper to the screed. Cast 16” (406mm) diameter Ni-Hard augers can be hydraulically lowered, raised, and tilted for increased control over material segregation. The augers can also be operated independently of the conveyors giving the operator complete control over the material.

The RP-2505 undercarriage includes 11.8” (300mm) wide steel tracks with durable polyurethane track pads provide excellent maneuverability, traction, and weight distribution. Joystick steering provides consistently accurate control of paver direction in all conditions.

A Caterpillar® 174 horsepower (130 kW) 6-cylinder diesel engine powers the new paver. The cooling system includes a low noise, variable speed, hydraulically driven fan. The fan speed is determined by the engine load, which limits unnecessary noise and increases fuel economy.  

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