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Hyundai Construction Equipment Unveiled R520LC-9A Demolition Excavator at ConExpo

Hyundai Construction Equipment Unveiled R520LC-9A Demolition Excavator at ConExpo

Hyundai Construction Equipment recently introduced their R520LC-9A DM (Demolition) excavator.

The R520LC-9A DM is a massive excavator, equipped with a tilting cab and high reach arm, guaranteed to tackle large demolition projects, whether it’s tearing down buildings or cleaning up the debris thereafter. This model has many enhanced features and benefits including a certified Interim Tier 4 engine, advanced hydraulics engineered for added efficiency and smooth operation, enhanced operator comfort with a fully customizable work environment and added durability through high-quality cab construction.

The 131,840 lb (59,800 kg) R520LC-9A DM features a powerful, fuel-efficient 352 hp (263 kW) Cummins Interim Tier 4/Stage IIIB QSX11.9 engine. This engine has one of the highest power-to-weight ratios in its class, and its remarkable torque rise (up to 50%) enables the engine to quickly take full advantage of the torque power. Other innovations such as the variable speed fan clutch, two-stage auto decel system and the economy mode help to conserve fuel and reduce environmental impact. Plus, operators can choose between three unique engine modes - Power, Standard and Economy - which enable the machine to switch between full power and reduced fuel consumption according to the user’s preference.

Hyundai’s R520LC-9A DM boasts a 45’1”(13,750 mm) boom length, a 8’10” (2,720 mm) mid arm length and a 26’2” (8,000 mm) end arm length. The R520LC-9A DM has a maximum working reach of 47’1” (14,360 mm) and a maximum working height of 85’8” (26,120 mm).

R520LC-9A DM Operating Weight lbs (kg) 131,840 (59,800) Engine hp (kW) 352 (263) Boom Length ft/in (mm) 45’1” (13,750) Mid Arm Length ft/in (mm) 8’10” (2,720) End Arm Length ft/in (mm) 26’2” (8,000) Max Working Reach ft/in (mm) 47’1” (14,360) Max Working Height ft/in (mm) 85’8” (26,120)

To achieve optimum precision, Hyundai redesigned the R520LC-9A DM’s hydraulic system to provide the operator with super fine touch and controllability. Improved pump flow minimizes fuel consumption and improved spool valves are engineered to provide more precise flow to each function with less effort. Enhanced hydraulic valves, precision-designed variable volume piston pumps, fine-touch pilot controls and enhanced travel functions make for smooth and easy operation. Arm-in and boom-down flow regeneration and control valve technology are newly improved as well. An innovative auto boom-swing priority function makes for optimal performance in any application.

The R520LC-9A DM is not only powerful and precise, but also durable. This model features improved structure strength with stronger but slimmer tubing for optimum safety and visibility. High-strength steel forms a more durable upper and lower frame. In addition, the enlarged cab comes with a see-through upper skylight, a larger and one-piece right-side glass, safety glass windows on all sides that won’t scratch or fade, a closeable sunshade and a reduced front window seam – all features that work together to improve visibility.

In addition to enhanced safety and visibility, operators will enjoy the ability to fully customize the cab of the R520LC-9A DM to best fit their needs. Operators can easily adjust the seat, console and armrest settings. Hyundai has integrated the seat with the console to reduce operator fatigue, and adjustable air-suspension comes standard. Sleek styling has been applied to the ergonomic joysticks, which are now height-adjustable.

Hyundai’s engineers ensured that the R520LC-9A DM’s cab includes many amenities that decrease stress and increase comfort. Some of these features and benefits include heated seats, additional space, enhanced climate control system, advanced audio system with USB player, AM/FM stereo, and MP3 capabilities. An optional add on is a Smart Key System that allows the operator to start the ignition with the push of a button.

The R520LC-9A DM comes standard with a newly designed 7 inch color LCD screen display with easy to read digital gauges for monitoring temperature, fuel levels and other maintenance items. The simplified design allows the operator to easily adjust engine power and work modes, set boom speed and arm regeneration, view what’s happening behind them with the optional rear-view camera, and protect the machine with the new password anti-theft system.

Like all of Hyundai’s 9A series equipment, the R520LC-9A DM features the Hi-mate Remote Management System, which allows operators and dealer service personnel to access a machine’s vital service and diagnostic information from anywhere with internet access. Hi-mate users can remotely monitor daily reports outlining a machine’s location, working hours, fuel consumption and any periodical maintenance needed, drastically reducing downtime and saving the owner time and money.

The R520LC-9A DM features long life components including bushings designed for extended lube intervals of 250 hours and polymer shims to resist wear and reduce noise. Extended-life hydraulic filters (1,000 hours), long-life hydraulic oil (5,000 hours) and more efficient cooling systems and integrated preheating systems are also provided. These elements help extend service intervals thus reducing operating costs and machine down time. 

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