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SCHEUERLE InterCombi transports of 243 t transformer

SCHEUERLE InterCombi transports of 243 t transformer

In 1972, the legendary "Heuler" vehicle from SCHEUERLE entered service with the DB heavy transport group. Right up to the very end of its working life, the vehicle stood out on account of its high pulling force, traction and driving speed. The flexible and robust SCHEUERLE InterCombi SP module with an axle load of 36 t fulfils a similar purpose but has nothing else in common with the "Heuler". Considerably quieter, more powerful and more maintenance-friendly than its aging predecessor, it impressively proved its capabilities once again through a DAHER-HCS transportation assignment.

The plan was to transport a 243 t transformer. With the help of the SCHEUERLE load distribution lifting device, this was fixed on a SCHEUERLE InterCombi SP with 2 x 10 axle lines. At 10.2 metres long, 3.4 metres wide and 4.5 metres high, this was indeed a concentrated load that demanded the highest level of concentration by the driver, load supervisor and transportation manager. The journey started at 21:15 at the Amprion sub-station in Winnenden.

The first challenge presented itself right at the very beginning as an upward gradient of ten per cent and a hairpin bend in the direction of Schwaikheim had to be overcome. Here, the traction and driving force of the SCHEUERLE InterCombi on 12 hydrostatically-driven double pendulum axes proved to be more than adequate from the beginning as well as being precisely adjustable. The route carried on through the town of Schwaikheim up to the next hairpin bend. This area also featured an inclination of ten per cent within which the vehicle had to change the direction and approach. This process took around four minutes whereby the drivers electronically changed the driving direction of the carrier vehicles several times. In the process, the driver's seats were rotated by 180° in order to allow carrier vehicle operations in the opposite direction. Decoupling and turning the truck tractor, which normally results in a loss of time, was not required for this self-propelled vehicle. Negotiating the gradient again was problem-free and driving speed could be quickly resumed.

The first roundabout was situated in Schwaikheim itself and presented the biggest challenge of the transportation assignment. Here, the adjustable load distribution unit could be used which through the leveling of the lifting device - even while driving - created the required clearance in order to allow the transformer to negotiate the rising section of the roundabout. For this, the radio-controlled lifting function of the pendulum axles, used to supplement the ITER project, was also utilised which proved to be extremely helpful for the regular haulage operations of the HCS. Three additional roundabouts were negotiated without any problems with the transport reaching its final destination at 23.00.

The InterCombi platform trailer

InterCombi platform trailers from SCHEUERLE have been constructed for demanding use in both long-distance road transportation as well as for special requirements faced in transferring plant equipment and components in industry. Designed with a 36 t technical axle load and driving speeds of up to 80 km/h, the InterCombi series from SCHEUERLE is a cost-effective and reliable alternative for the operator. The InterCombi platform trailer is available not only as a trailer or semi-trailer, but also as a self-propelled platform trailer with Power Pack Unit (PPU). Both versions can be combined in order to avoid the use of a second truck tractor when transporting particularly large loads or negotiating upward gradients.

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