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Weighing in at 13,000 tonnes, world's largest monopile moved on self-propelled transporters from SCHEUERLE

There is a clear upward trend – wind turbines both on and offshore have been getting increasingly bigger for a number of years now. In this respect, Rostock-based EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH (EEW) has produced the world's largest monopile with a diameter of 7.8 metres and a length of 84.5 metres. For in-plant transportation, self-propelled InterCombi SPEs from SCHEUERLE (TII Group) are used. Logistics providers, Buss Port Logistics, loads the monopiles from the factory in Rostock onto barges with the help of SCHEUERLE SPMTs. These are subsequently transported to the Buss-owned Orange Blue Terminal in Eemshaven and unloaded again with the same vehicles.

"Made in USA-Engineered in Germany": for the TII Group

A direct contact for local customers, shorter delivery times and a product "Made in USA"  are some of the benefits which are provided for North  American customers through the cooperation between the TII Group, the world's leading manufacturers of heavy load vehicles, and The Precision Companies (PFC, PEI and PMI)

SCHEUERLE InterCombi transports of 243 t transformer

In 1972, the legendary "Heuler" vehicle from SCHEUERLE entered service with the DB heavy transport group. Right up to the very end of its working life, the vehicle stood out on account of its high pulling force, traction and driving speed. The flexible and robust SCHEUERLE InterCombi SP module with an axle load of 36 t fulfils a similar purpose but has nothing else in common with the "Heuler". Considerably quieter, more powerful and more maintenance-friendly than its aging predecessor, it impressively proved its capabilities once again through a DAHER-HCS transportation assignment.