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New generation of Wirtgen point-attack cutting tools and HT22 quick-change toolholder system underscore Wirtgen's unique cutting technology

New generation of Wirtgen point-attack cutting tools and HT22 quick-change toolholder system underscore Wirtgen's unique cutting technology

Cutting technology with milling drum, toolholder and point-attack cutting tools is a core competence of Wirtgen. Perfect interaction between these components is essential to maximize the performance of every cold milling machine. At bauma 2013, Wirtgen is presenting two revolutionary new developments – namely its Generation X point-attack cutting tools and the HT22 quick-change toolholder system – boosting the unique performance and cost-efficiency of Wirtgen cold milling machines to a new level.

Generation X point-attack cutting tools: higher output, lower cost

Generation X is the name of the new series of point-attack cutting tools developed by Wirtgen in close collaboration with its long-standing systems partner Betek in Aichhalden. The result is a robust cutting tool with greatly enhanced wear resistance and enormous cutting power for high milling output. The innovative geometry of their carbide tips, for example, extends the service life of the new cutting tools by up to 20% in relation to conventional cutting tools, with constant high milling output. Their wear resistance has simultaneously been improved by optimizing the composition of the carbide material. "Finding the right mixture of coarse and fine tungsten carbide is important in determining the wear resistance as well as the breaking strength of the carbide tip," explains Thomas Lehnert, responsible for cutting tool development at Wirtgen.

The massive wearing plate now includes a more prominent centring cone. This ensures not only that the cutting tool is precisely supported in the toolholder, but also that it is essentially self-centring. The transverse forces encountered in the cutting process are more effectively discharged, thus minimizing the risk of the cutting tool's shank breaking. Longitudinal wear in the toolholder is additionally reduced as the tool is optimally guided in the toolholder.

HT22 quick-change toolholder system: longer life, shorter downtime

Development of the new HT22 quick-change toolholder system has made it possible to more than double the maximum useful life of the toolholder upper part and significantly increase the service life of the milling drum. Maximum longitudinal wear of the upper part has doubled in relation to that of the conventional version. Service intervals for checking screw tension have also been extended from 250 hours in the past to 500 hours now, due to the system's generally more robust construction. The reliable yet simple screw connection has already proved its value during the new HT22 quick-change toolholder system's prototype phase of more than two years.

Robust, durable Wirtgen cutting technology components cut operating costs

Wirtgen's continuous further development of cutting technology is always based on the aim of boosting performance and cost-efficiency in order to offer customers a reliable solution. The new Generation X point-attack cutting tools will consequently be available when bauma opens. Cold milling machines and their milling drums will be equipped with the new HT22 quick-change toolholder system starting in August, when it can also be retrofitted in customers' machines. "With these two new developments, our engineers have once again delivered practical innovations combining maximum milling output with efficient operating costs," says Bernd Holl, product manager for cold milling machines at Wirtgen. This yields twofold benefits for the customer who is then optimally prepared for future milling jobs.

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