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On-Slab Drilling Made Simple With Minnich A-1C Single Drill and A-2C Double Drill

On-Slab Drilling Made Simple With Minnich A-1C Single Drill and A-2C Double Drill

The Minnich A-1C and A-2C on-slab drills are ideal for a variety of dowel pin drilling applications. With a total of four models available in the A-1C (single drill) series, plus the versatile A-2C double drill model, contractors can easily choose the proper on-slab drill for any project.

“On-slab drills offer a smart alternative to drilling dowel pin holes when it’s important to leave the subgrade untouched,” says Todd Jurjevic, sales & marketing director for Minnich. “Equipped with a steering wheel to enhance operator accuracy and control, our on-slab models are making a big impact with road builders.”

The most popular model in the series requires a minimum cutout width of 48” to allow the drilling apparatus to align with the edge of the slab. The units in the A-1C and A-2C product lines can reach a maximum drill depth of 18” with an under collar drill steel length of 24”. The powerful and efficient A-1C and A-2C models require 92.2 SCFM and 90 PSIG in terms of pneumatic power, and the drills can be equipped with an optional dust collection system to reduce debris on the job site. Another well-received feature on the A-1C and A-2C drills is the automatic shutoff feature. This function increases the life of the drill by minimizing the frequency of dry-firing on the job site.

A-1C On-Slab Single Drill

The A-1C units have an operating weight of 670 pounds, and feature adjustable drill height and depth. They also operate in three positions; horizontal, vertical, and at a 35-degree stitch. Furthermore, they are capable of skew drilling for special applications. The A-1C on-slab series come standard with urethane-filled, flat-proof tires to ensure jobsite productivity. The models in the A-1C line have a drilling distance from the top of the slab ranging from 1.5” – 11.75”.  The A-1C series product line is available from Minnich’s global network of distributors and feature the following models:

·       A-1C-24

·       A-1C-30

·       A-1C-36

·       A-1C-48

To see the A-1C in action, please visit http://ow.ly/lwhBJ

A-2C On-Slab Double Drill

The A-2C, like it’s single drill counterpart, allows drilling in horizontal, vertical and 35-degree stitch positions, making it a highly versatile machine. Designed with productivity in mind, the A-2C cuts operating time roughly in half due to the incorporation of the second drill. Additionally, the A-2C is equipped with a larger oiler for reduced maintenance, and the drill height and depth are adjustable at the shift of a lever from the easy-to-use, on-slab operator’s panel. The A-2C is capable of drilling a distance from the top of the slab ranging from 1.5” – 11.75”. To see the A-2C in action, please visit: http://ow.ly/lwhqT.

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