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New Terex PT-75 compact track loader – heavy-duty machine, compact package

New Terex PT-75 compact track loader – heavy-duty machine, compact package

Featuring a 4-cyclinder, turbocharged Perkins 804C-33T diesel engine, the new 71-hp Terex PT-75 compact track loader is the newest member of the Terex line of Tier 4-interim compliant compact construction equipment. Boasting a narrow machine width (70-in), the PT-75 track loader can easily maneuver and operate in confined or congested work sites, making it an ideal loader for landscapers and general contractors. Its purpose-built chassis is designed to be a heavy-duty machine within a compact package. 

Proving it has the power and productivity to get the job done, the PT-75 has 178.5 ft-lb of peak torque, a tipping load of 6,200 lb – with a 3,100 lb operating capacity at 50 percent tipping load capacity – and a lift height of 125 in. This loader is also equipped with powerful load-sensing, low-flow auxiliary hydraulics from 0-17.4 gal/min, high-flow auxiliary hydraulic capability of 30 gal/min @ 3,000 psi. This new Terex compact track loader is available with an optional two-speed hydrostatic drive system that allows operators to select low for maximum torque or high for faster travel speeds up to 10.5 mph. 

The Terex PT-75 compact track loader, which is Tier 4 compliant, comes standard with 18-in wide tracks and patented Posi-Track undercarriage technology with multiple levels of suspension that distributes the machine’s 8,972-lb operating weight down to only 3.5 psi of ground pressure. The low ground pressure prevents damage to the ground below (e.g. turf) and provides extended track life. For exceptional ride comfort and traction, this loader’s undercarriage is suspended from the chassis of the machine by torsion axles. These torsion axles are independent, so there are multiple levels of suspension points connecting the chassis to the undercarriage. This design allows the bogie wheels on the PT-75 to flex, creating a smooth ride and taking away much of the vibration and shock associated with running over rocks, curbs and other rough terrain. This model is also available with optional 20-in tracks for increased versatility to keep operators working year-round, even in wet, muddy or snowy conditions.

All Terex compact track loaders, including the new PT-75 model, utilize a proprietary all-rubber track, rather than a rigid track technology with steel embedded tracks mounted on an existing skid steer chassis. This enables Terex compact track loaders to produce greater efficiencies in operation and speed because of their lighter weight. And by utilizing composite materials rather than a steel skeleton, Terex tracks do not corrode or rust.

The new PT-75 loader is designed with front-mounted, quick-connect hydraulic fittings and an electronic connector for control of attachments, enabling it to use industry-standard attachments. This Terex loader is equipped with a comfortable operator station and pilot-operated joystick controls to reduce operation fatigue and increase production.

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