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New Allied-Gator MT Technology Changes “Shearing”

New Allied-Gator MT Technology Changes “Shearing”

Allied-Gator® now offers an innovative new blade design exclusively for the MT® mobile shear with the introduction of patent-pending Serrated Gator Blades™.
Extensive field testing results have proven Serrated Gator Blades outlast traditional shear blades by up to 50% longer when processing general scrap, and up to 90% longer when shearing steel wire and cable.

This new technology is an option which is immediately available to any current Allied-Gator MT customer regardless of tool size, and no product modifications are needed to the MT.

“The serrations of the MT’s new blades are designed to progressively pass through material like a saw blade rather than forcing the shear to chop through a large mass of material like an axe. This new blade design does not rely solely on sharp shear blade edges to achieve the cut. Instead of a snipping effect, these blades generate a tearing action. This allows the MT shear to grip and tear scrap materials, which is a far more efficient cutting method than the traditional ‘scissoring effect’ utilized by all other mobile shear blades,” says Mike Ramun, Allied-Gator Sales and Marketing Manager.

As the MT’s dual moving shear jaws close on structural steel, each serration systematically yields and tears scrap material along the blades’ cutting path. “This new method of shearing greatly reduces the overall wear and tear to the tool. It’s like perforating a sheet of paper as you tear it.” states Ramun.
Traditional blades force steel wire and cable to the throat of the jaw and cause severe uneven wear and damage to that specific blade area. Uneven blade wear has caused most recyclers to dread cutting steel wire and cable with their mobile shears. With Serrated Gator Blades in the MT, the serrations trap steel wire and cable along the blades as the jaws close. This allows the blades to progressively rip and tear the cable apart on its way to the throat.

This new technology is also extremely effective in processing notoriously troublesome materials, like stainless steel and thin sheeting.

The patent-pending Allied-Gator Serrated Gator Blades are available for all 11 sizes of the MT Series Multi-Tool line

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