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Allied-Gator, Inc. manufactures innovative hydraulic attachments for the demolition and scrap processing/recycling industries. Products include the patented MT™ Series Multi-Tool™ in sizes from 800-52,000 lbs. featuring patented Quick-Change™ Shear, Cracker/Crusher and Densifier™ Jaw Sets for structural steel demolition, reinforced concrete reduction, rail processing, material handling and densifying.  Allied-Gator additionally manufactures the MT™ Series Mag Extension™ and the patented Allied-Gator Claw Bucket™.  Visit www.alliedgator.com for tool specifications, pictures and videos.

The patented Allied-Gator MT™ Series Multi-Tool™ features patented Quick-Change™ Shear, Cracker/Crusher & Densifier™ Jaw Sets, which can be switched in the field in 15 minutes, enabling a single machine to perform all structural steel/concrete demolition, cast reduction, material densifying & rail processing applications with maximum effectiveness.  The MT line is offered in 11 rotating sizes from 800-52,000 lbs. & can accommodate carriers from skid steers & compacts to mass excavators.

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Turning Up The Volume: Rotating Shear and Game-Changing Serrated Blades

Operating just south of Dallas out of Waxahachie, Texas, hlh&r Metals is a scrap metal recycler that deals mainly in ferrous, with a focus on heavy-melt materials. The company provides containerized collection service to scrap yards and industrial sites located within an 80-mile radius from their yard, using dumpsters and a fleet of roll-off trucks, along with roll-off and end-dump trailers. Materials are brought to the yard, sorted, cleaned, processed and blended for local steel mills and foundries who buy 100 percent of the company’s inventory each month. Hlh&r also buys a significant amount of “nuisance-grade” scrap (rebar-containing materials sourced mainly from crushing and demolition projects).

New Allied-Gator MT Technology Changes “Shearing”

Allied-Gator® now offers an innovative new blade design exclusively for the MT® mobile shear with the introduction of patent-pending Serrated Gator Blades™.
Extensive field testing results have proven Serrated Gator Blades outlast traditional shear blades by up to 50% longer when processing general scrap, and up to 90% longer when shearing steel wire and cable.

MT Multi-Tool ideal for processing cable and rebar

Uniquely suited to handle hardened steel wire, all types of steel cable and rebar, the patented MT Series Multi-Tool, outfitted with the patented Quick-Change Shear Jaw Set, is the only shear design that has proven itself to stand up to continual use in these full-time processing applications, according to Allied-Gator. These materials have been notoriously troublesome for recyclers and have traditionally been very costly to process with mobile shears.   

Densifier works like a grapple that condenses during loading

Allied-Gator’s patented Quick-Change Densifier Jaw Set is another uniquely effective jaw set designed for the company’s patented MT Series Multi-Tool. This tool performs all the functions of a rotating grapple but has the additional capability to condense material during loading. This effectively minimizes the air volume in every mouthful and maximizes the scrap volume in every load. The MT Densifier Jaw Set not only provides precision sorting ability, but takes material handling to a new level by giving users the ability to compact and densify material with unprecedented levels of power.    

Shearing, cracking&crushing

Allied-Gator’s patented MT Series Multi-Tool models MTR 20 and MTR 40, in 2nd or 3rd member configurations, are engineered to expand the demolition and material processing capabilities of 20,000- to 60,000-pound excavators. The MTR 20 weighs 4,000 pounds and cycles in four seconds, while the MTR 40 weighs 7,000 pounds with a six second cycle time. Cycle times are unaffected by material volume due to the patented Allied-Gator Speed-Circuit Technology.

Versatile multi-tool

The MT series multi-tool is available in sizes ranging from 800 to 52,000 pounds, and can accommodate any size carrier from skid steers to mass excavators. Units are ideal for use in structural steel and concrete demolition applications, and users can easily transition from one application to another with quick-change jaw sets that can be switched in the field in as little as 15 minutes. The MT cracker/crusher jaw set (model MT 20 mounted on a 25-ton excavator is shown here) is designed to effortlessly process reinforced concrete and heavy cast materials, while the MT shear jaw set will quickly and efficiently demolish and process heavy structural steel.

Multi-tool shears, cracks and crushes

The MT Series Multi-Tool MTR 160 with Cracker/ Crusher Jaw Set opens 73 inches and has a throat depth of 50-1/2 inches. Units have 360-degree continual rotation and a cycle time of six seconds closed and five seconds open at 225 GPM, using Allied-Gator Speed Circuit Technology. The MT Series Multi-Tool model MTR 160 with the Shear Jaw Set delivers 2,100 tons of force, has a 42-inch jaw opening and a 42-inch throat depth.

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