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Construction Superconference

Best Practices for Planning and Managing Your Construction Projects

Construction Superconference

The Canadian Institute’s Annual Construction Superconference is back for the 21st time on December 6-7, 2011 in Toronto, Ontario. It boasts a panel of expert speakers – senior industry executives, leading construction lawyers, consultants, and key government officials – who know the industry best and can take you through what you need to know to optimize your company’s success at every phase of the project life-cycle. From pre-construction planning, to the utilization and implementation of increasingly necessary technologies, through to critical regulatory and legal developments, you will get equipped with what you need to know to be prepared for the industry’s increasingly complex framework.

The construction industry in Canada has been steadily recovering, and as always, is adapting to the current economic climate. The industry looks very different than it did a few years ago, due, in part, to increased government funding, complex partnership arrangements, and a move towards collaborative practices. With those changes, come a need to be on top of a host of emerging issues and developments. Do not let your company fall behind by failing to remain current on the industry movements, latest trends, legal developments, and risk management techniques.

The Canadian Institute has created a program based on the current climate and what businesses have told them are your most pressing challenges and issues.

This year’s event features a range of sessions that will provide attendees with strategies, tools and best practices for planning and managing construction projects. Sessions include:

  • Practical and legal implications of two leading technological issues: BIM and Intelligent Building
  • Developing practical strategies to address critical skilled labour challenges
  • Identifying and procuring the most suitable contact type based on the latest developments in the market
  • Determining the best financial model for a construction project
  • Reducing delays, cost and disputes in the current construction environment: best practices for proper risk management