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The Canadian Institute

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Optimize collaboration in construction projects to minimize risk, costs and delays

The Canadian Institute, producer of Construction Superconference, releases its new construction program entitled "Collaborative Project Delivery", which will take place June 6-7, 2012 in Vancouver, British Columbia. The construction industry faces increasingly complex partnerships and emerging project delivery methods, and this conference offers the key insights and practical tools that companies need to optimize collaboration in construction projects in order to minimize risk, costs and delays.

Construction Superconference

The Canadian Institute’s Annual Construction Superconference is back for the 21st time on December 6-7, 2011 in Toronto, Ontario. It boasts a panel of expert speakers – senior industry executives, leading construction lawyers, consultants, and key government officials – who know the industry best and can take you through what you need to know to optimize your company’s success at every phase of the project life-cycle. From pre-construction planning, to the utilization and implementation of increasingly necessary technologies, through to critical regulatory and legal developments, you will get equipped with what you need to know to be prepared for the industry’s increasingly complex framework.

Managing Risk in Construction Contracts

On November 22 & 23, The Canadian Institute's 4th Annual Managing Risk in Construction Contracts will take place in Edmonton, Alberta. As the construction industry recovers from a difficult recession, it has become more important than ever to minimize losses that may arise due to issues that emerge before, during or after construction. This conference provides strategies for highly successful negotiations and contracting that will mitigate these risks.