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Weiler unveils fuel-efficient Windrow Elevator

Smaller pavers able to handle E550A

Weiler unveils fuel-efficient Windrow Elevator

In the face of rising fuel prices, Weiler announces the release of the E550A Windrow Elevator, a lighter machine capable of high-production paving.

“The lighter weight helps reduce fuel costs in several ways,” said Tate Huizer, Weiler product engineer. “First, the E550A is easier for a traditional production paver to push, which results in fuel savings. The lighter weight of the E550A also means a smaller, more fuel-efficient paver can be utilized. That’s where some very significant savings result.”

Although 680 kg (1,500 lbs) lighter than the Weiler E650A, the E550A is also a very capable performer in high-production, mainline paving. Handling tall windrows placed by belly dumps is among the E550A’s capabilities.

The 152 cm (60”) wide throat is well matched to the high-production, continuous paving. Slats are 147 cm (58”) wide and 17.7 cm (7”) deep to provide easy entry from the windrow. The windrow elevator is capable of working at wide widths as well. Wing width can be extended from 259 cm (102”) to 315 cm (124”).

Contractors are using the E650A Windrow Elevator to help meet smoothness specs. “The E550A will deliver in that area as well,” Huizer said. “Contractors are always concerned about smoothness specs, as they should be. Hitting those targets has a bottom-line impact as well.”

Remixing option
An added feature available to paving contractors is the optional remixing attachment. The remixer provides yet another opportunity to prevent material segregation and ensure mix is delivered to the paver at a consistent temperature with reduced particulate segregation.

The optional remixing chamber on the E550A is located at the discharge conveyor of the machine and can be hydraulically engaged or disengaged, depending on jobsite requirements. 

A three-point suspension system helps overcome inconsistencies on the existing surface. A hydraulic cylinder supports each of the front wheels, while a pair of interconnected hydraulic cylinders supports the two rear wheels. The cylinders adjust the height of the wheels, which changes the height of the machine.

A turbocharged Cat C4.4 85 kW (114 hp) engine powers the E550A. A 189 L (50 gallon) fuel tank helps keep the windrow elevator running for extended stretches between fueling stops.

“Paving contractors will find this machine helps them achieve significantly better results in three key areas: fuel efficiency, production, and smoothness,” said Huizer.

Company info

815 Weiler Drive
Knoxville, IA
US, 50138


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