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Unique 2+3+2 trailer

Unique 2+3+2 trailer

The unique design of the 2+3+2 65-Ton HRG East Coast Trailer includes a flip extension to accommodate a tandem-axle jeep dolly. This hydraulic gooseneck trailer is ideal for a variety of markets including general construction, heavy-haul trucking, and oilfields.

It offers the ability to add a tag- or pin-on axle to the jeep to allow a 3+3+2 axle configuration. Especially crucial for those without a 4-axle tractor, operators can access the optional pin-on axle for the jeep to maintain axles that are legal to scale the payload. Featuring 60-inch axle spacing, as well as an airlift on axle 3 and a chain lift on axles 1, 2, 4, and 5, the trailer is capable of running with 3, 4, or 5 axles in a row without the booster.

Additionally, the trailer is equipped with an optional Cleral onboard scale system that meets the toughest trucking industry requirements.

With a 28-foot deck length, the 65-Ton HRG is rated for 65-tons in any 14 feet of deck length. It’s also adaptable to accommodate an additional 10-foot section of deck, varying in type from beam to drop side. Loaded deck height is 22-inches and the trailer features a 8-foot 6-inch deck width.