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Roadtec cutter produces fine, straight-line pattern

Roadtec cutter produces fine, straight-line pattern

With new DOT specs for thinner friction courses, proper surface preparation is more important than ever. Delaminating of thin courses is likely when surfaces are prepared with conventional milling. What’s more, water can get trapped in the valleys of a conventionally milled surface, leading to premature pavement failure. In thin overlay applications micro-milling is required for good results. 

Roadtec now offers a cutter that produces a fine, straight-line pattern, which neither deviates with changes in travel speed nor machine stops for truck changes. DOT tests of the surface have been passed consistently with this cutter. Moreover, the milled surface’s texture is extremely safe for cars and motorcycles alike when opened to traffic before paving begins.

Tooth consumption is extremely low with this product. On a recent job consisting of five miles of roadway (10 lanes miles), one-inch removal with a micro finish, and an average travel speed of 48.5 fpm and as high as 70 fpm, no teeth were changed during the five-day project. 

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