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New Retractable Tether

New Retractable Tether

Gear Keeper’s new RT3-5601 retractable tether, for tools up to two pounds, is particularly valuable when working in close quarters or climbing.

Available in high visibility orange, the retractable tether’s ultra-low profile keeps tools close to the body when stored while still allowing complete accessibility in all directions when in use.

The tether’s patented side-release clip improves productivity while maintaining drop safety by providing a method for easily exchanging one tool for another.  

Like other retractables in the Gear Keeper line, the RT3-5601 is engineered so that the tool, application and recoil/retraction force are in balance. When the RT3-5601 retractable tether is extended for use, only minimal force is necessary thereby avoiding worker fatigue or in the reverse, causing a ”kick” when the tool is automatically retracted. The RT3-5601 tether extends up to 42” and to reduce arm strain, the tether features a ratcheted thumb-controlled device to lock the cable at any extension length. Additionally, the unique Dual-Axis rotation clamp-on clip attaches easily to a tool belt or fall protection harness. Because of the universal movement of the dual action clip, resistance and line wear are minimized and the life of the tether is extended.  

According to John Salentine, VP of Hammerhead Industries, “A properly tethered tool or instrument makes work more efficient and simplifies every repair, maintenance or manufacturing project, Salentine added, “When retractable tethers complement the tool, worker and application, your employee will be an advocate rather that an antagonist.”  

With millions of systems in use, Gear Keeper devices have a failure rate of less than .001 percent. The full line of Gear Keeper instrument tethers and accessories are available on the company’s website at www.gearkeeper.com.

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