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Infrared cameras improve vision and safety

For many years, Brigade Electronics has been introducing vehicle reversing alarms and sensors, in-cab CCTV for all-round visibility, and now, the latest in their stable of advanced technology, the night-piercing FLIR.

Replacing equipment is expensive and human life is no longer cheap. Rather than face litigation and compensation that can run to millions, quarry and mine owners – opencast and underground – are saving a lot by investing a little in Brigade safety. Most owners are using Brigade’s Backsense directional warning sensors and heavy-duty Backeye colour CCTV. Now, more and more are installing Brigade’s PathFindIR thermal imaging camera. No matter how powerful the headlights, the range of visibility is limited to a narrow forward area of about 200 yards. Using the same infrared technology favoured by the police and rescue services, PathFindIR pierces the darkest night and the dustiest environment to display sharp images of vehicles, people and animals, alerting drivers and operators to hazards up to half a mile ahead.

Since its introduction, the take-up of FLIR has been dramatic. Many luxury carmakers offer it. From the U.S. to Africa, operators are protecting their service vehicles, plant, personnel and profitability with PathFindIR.

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