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Retractable flat roof affordable, useful for rain-tolerant crops

Retractable “flat roof” greenhouses are an affordable way to protect rain tolerant crops from excessive heat, cold, and wind. Flat roof houses have been used to protect crops from hail and snow, but they have a limited capacity to withstand the weight of such conditions. There is a wide variety of water porous roof coverings and structural designs that allow for the optimal balance between crop requirements, environmental conditions, and the level of investment.

The clear polyethyelene roof is ideal for protection from winter cold and summer heat. The clear roof can be left closed during cold days while still allowing good light transmission, and helps prevent overheating of soil temperatures on sunny days. White polypropylene can be used for winter cold protection and summer shade. On hot sunny days, the white roof provides increased shade and cooling for low light/ low temperature crops. Black shade cloth is used for low light crops, which do not need protection from cold. Black fabric is also used for photoperiod control. Aluminized fabrics provide heat retention, shading and cooling. With these systems, users are able to operate up to 90,000 square feet (8,350 m2) of roof area using a single motor. Designs are available for one or two separate roof systems, and can be designed to handle up to 120 mph winds.

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