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The environmental benefits of sodding

According to the Nursery Sod Growers Association of Ontario, there are immediate environmental benefits of opting to go with sodding for turf establishment.

• Sodding offers immediate stabilization of a site, thereby avoiding significant loss of soil by wind or water erosion.

• Sodded turf sites require irrigation for a shorter period of time after planting than sites which are seeded.

• When establishing a turf with quality sod, there should be no need to apply a herbicide for weed control for two to four years.

• When turf is established on adverse sites, such as impermeable clays, steep or stony sites or in poorly drained areas, proper sodding has a much higher potential for successful stabilization of the area with turf.

Other environmental benefits of opting to go with sodding, says the organization, include sod’s soil enrichment and carbon storage capabilities, as well as its ability to enhance the moisture content of root zones, reducing the need for irrigation in the longer term. Sod also has an excellent ability to trap and hold rainwater in place, reducing runoff and the need for more extensive flood control structures, will help discourage nuisance pests, and is an effective synthetic organic chemical pollutants decomposer. Visit www.nurserysodgrowers.com for more information.

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