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EcoTurf grass seed

Designed for growing an environmentally-friendly, low maintenance lawn, Green Earth’s EcoTurf grass seed requires less water, fertilizer and pesticides, and is slower growing for less mowing. This seed is drought-tolerant, contains endophytes, and resists damage from surface-feeding insects. EcoTurf is suitable for full sun to deep shade in all soil types, including acidic soil. Existing lawns can be converted, and for new lawns, EcoTurf should be applied in spring (ideally mid May to mid June) or when soil temperature reaches 15 degrees celsius (60° F), with the best time for maximum germination being late summer. Also recently available, EcoTurf Grass Seed Plus Starter Fertilizer 2-4-2 is easy to establish, and contains Green Earth EcoTurf grass seed blended with organic-based starter fertilizer.

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