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Compactor and driver

Compactor and driver
The all-new extreme Ho-Pacs deliver more impact energy, an errorless four-function valve, a variety of mounting configurations, and maintenance-free, oil-splash bearing lubrication. Because it’s both a compactor and a driver, the Allied Ho-Pac permits even the smallest contractor or municipality to have this dual capability available. All models are available with Allied’s patented VMS mounting system for quick changing between carriers. The vibration produced by the Ho-Pac is an ideal force for compacting granular materials since vibration generates stress waves which bring the soil’s air to the surface. As a result, the particles of soil are rearranged and moved closer to each other, which reduces voids in the soil. Ho-Pacs compact in densities in excess of 95 percent Proctor. As a driver, Ho-Pacs offer a faster, less-expensive technique for driving wood, steel and aluminum sheeting, H and I beams, piling, posts and sea walls. Ho-Pacs send vibration along the length of the item being driven, breaking the skin friction that slows driving.

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