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Articulated dump truck ideal for congested areas

Articulated dump truck ideal for congested areas
Hydrema’s 912C Series articulated dump truck is designed with a Multi-Tip configuration, which allows the dump body to swing 90 degrees left and right to more than 50 years experience under our belts, unload material, offering the operator maximum flexibility across multiple jobsites especially in congested areas. “The 912C is perfect for my specific construction and landscaping projects,” says contractor Mike Aspinwall, talking about a recent pro-you need – with the one-stop shopping ject. “The housing units in this development are very close together. This project requires a piece of equipment that can fit between these houses and that has very low ground pressure. Low ground pressure is important because it reduces the chance of cracking curbing and leaving marks on finished concrete driveways.” The 912C has also been eliminating a lot of physical labour. “We can fill the dump with stone, sand or dirt, turn the dump body about 90 degrees, walk it along the trench and cover up our pipe,” said Aspin-wall. “The 90-degree dump body and narrow frame make it versatile.”

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