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Web Notifications

Heavy Equipment Guide lets you stay up-to-date on breaking news by receiving notifications on your web browser. Here you will find how to activate and deactivate them.

What are Web Notifications on Heavy Equipment Guide ?

Web Notifications are a way for you to receive the most important news on https://heavyequipmentguide.ca.

How do they work?

We will never send you notifications without your prior authorization. When you visit https://heavyequipmentguide.ca, you will be asked whether you agree to receive notifications, in a window such as this one:

On your laptop or smartphone, you can deactivate web notifications in your browser settings:

Click on the small padlock to the left of the URL in your browser to display website parameters and deactivate notifications by choosing "Block" in Notifications setting. If you wish to activate them, you simply need to choose "Allow".

Please note that Web notifications are available and may be deactivated on PC and Mac via Chrome and Firefox browsers, as well as Android products. This is not yet available on iPhone or iPad.

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