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The innovative NEWAY LSZ Steerable Lift Axle Series is designed to bring the greatest number of “Best-in-Class” features available in an auxiliary suspension; including durability, lift performance and compact envelope size. The highly efficient design of the LSZ comes from the experienced truck suspension design team that has produced proven NEWAY power suspensions for over 50 years.

Features & Benefits

Package Size

Revolutionary design offers smallest envelope size in the industry. Additional open frame rail space for tanks and other components. Minimizes axle spacing for multi-axle configurations. Weighs only 747 lbs. (undressed) for maximized payloads.

Lift Performance

Rugged SuperChamber™ lift replaces traditional air springs. 4 seconds from ground to stowed position. SuperChamber™ positioned for easy access and optimized performance.

Durable Kingpin Assembly

Spherical bearing kingpin design provides easy serviceability, eliminates thrust bearings and the need for shimming and reaming.

Ground Clearance

Suspension axle design provides industry leading ground clearance.

Tuned Steering Damper System

Minimizes wheel shimmy for increased component life and provides powerful self-centering when lifting.

Stability and Ride

Enhanced angled air spring design distributes forces directly to frame for superior stability and wheel support. Custom rolling lobe air spring design for superior ride performance.

Durable Fabricated Axle

Bent tube design offers lower weight and enhanced durability, while the wide beam center design provides increased stability.

Optimized Turning Angle

Navigate tight corners while minimizing tire scrub with 31º of inside wheel cut.

Company Info

1950 Industrial Blvd
Muskegon, MI
US, 49442


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