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Hi-Vac Corporation - X-6, X-12 and X-15 Hydro Excavators

X-6, X-12 and X-15 hydro excavator trucks use state-of-the-art water pump and vacuum technology to safely locate and expose any type or size of underground utilities. Soil, sand and rock are quickly, safely and neatly excavated.

Features & Benefits

Water Pump

Standard 18 GPM @ 3000 PSI. Variable control for pressure and flow separate from blower RPM.

Cold Water Recirculation System

Includes glycol system for winterization, pneumatic purging system and a recirculation system which can be used while the unit is traveling.

Tube Racks

Tailgate mounted with ground level access.

Multifunction Remote Control

Wireless remote control for all boom functions, water pump (on/off), vacuum relief valve (open/close), all tailgate functions (open/close, unlock/lock), Emergency Stop and throttle controls.

Cyclone Separator

Dual Cyclone Separators with enlarged collection chamber.

Single Enclosure/Storage Cabinet

Large (96”W x 48”D x 63”H) enclosure/storage cabinet for protecting the water pump, boiler and hose reel from the environment. Includes access steps, internal compartment shelves, clothing hooks and an internal safety mat.

Company Info

117 Industry Rd
Marietta, OH
US, 45750


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