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2018 Ram Power Wagon Mojave Sand package

Ram Trucks

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Ram Trucks - 2018 Ram Power Wagon Mojave Sand package Pickup Trucks

A perfect combination of power and luxury makes this vehicle one-of-a-kind. It has an exclusive sand color inspired by the Mojave Desert. And it boasts Best-in-Class 410 horsepower for a gasoline engine-equipped pickup, so it can go almost anywhere-from land to sand. Plus, it's the most capable off-road full-size pickup , so adventure awaits.

Features & Benefits

Not only can these bad boys tackle nearly any terrain with attitude, they give the Power Wagon® a distinct and dynamic look you can only get with the Mojave Sand Edition

Perfect for any off-roading adventures or on-road needs, this winch features an automatic load holding brake, galvanized aircraft wire cable and an “I can do anything” attitude

No matter if it’s a rocky incline or the street you live on, these shocks keep your tires to the ground, your ride smooth and your spirits high

Best-in-Class 410 horsepower 5 for a gasoline engine-equipped pickup gives you the power you need for climbing steep rocky inclines, controlling speed down hills, or traversing neighborhood streets. It’s got it all

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