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The AquaCycle is a primary stage water treatment for sand & aggregates, mining and C&D waste recycling. 

We know your project is unique and that is why we only build your AquaCycle thickener after careful analysis of your feed material at our laboratory.

Features & Benefits

Gravity feed

Our design facilitates gravity feed from our EvoWash fines washing system to reduce the turbulence caused by pumped feed and ensure rapid settlement of solids when material enters the AquaCycle thickener tank

Deaeration chamber

Design of the integrated deaeration chamber further reduces turbulence before material enters the AquaCycle tank to aid the settlement of solids and maximize water recycling

Optimized material delivery

Wastewater from your fines washing plant is delivered to the centre of the AquaCycle thickener to allow maximum time for material settlement

Integrated FlocStation

The integrated FlocStation doses pre-mixed flocculent to the material to ensure rapid settlement. Our AutoFloc system ensures optimum dosing for the most efficient operation of your AquaCycle thickener

Sludge conditioning

A single motor driving the integrated rake mechanism on your AquaCycle thickener ensures optimum sludge conditioning prior to release - maximising the performance and efficiency of your sludge management phase

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