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Wirtgen America, Inc. - WLV 1 Soil Stabilizers

Cold recycling projects are multi-faceted, some even presenting a challenge. Good to be able to cover all bases. WIRTGEN provides numerous technical innovations helping you to reach your goal safely and efficiently.

A range of ancillary equipment optimally rounds off WIRTGEN's unique range of cold recycling and soil stabilization machines. The WLV 1 is a high-quality machine that is perfectly tailored for use in cold recycling and complies with the high quality standards set by testing laboratories.


Key Specifications
Dimensions 720 mm x 600 mm x 1,950 mm
Impact energy, max. 23 J
Cylindrical mould, small (Ø x H) 152 mm x 150 mm
Cylindrical mould, large (Ø x H) 152 mm x 320 mm
Electrical system 1,8 kW suitable for various mains systems
Own weight 170 kg

Company Info

6030 Dana Way
Antioch, TN
US, 37013


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