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Wacker Neuson Limited (Canada) - EZ17e Excavators

Thanks to the intelligent charging management, the EZ17e from Wacker Neuson can be used battery-operated or connected to the power supply system and even be charged while being operated. This makes the EZ17e particularly suitable for environments where exhaust fumes and noise are to be avoided.

The EZ17e is powered by state-of-the-art lithium-ion technology, which has been used by Wacker Neuson for years and is constantly being developed. It is characterized by a particularly long service life. The all-electric excavator thus remains operational for a full working day.

Features & Benefits

No compromises - just as powerful as our diesel mini excavators

Batteries of the latest lithium-ion technology installed in the rear

Integrated charger - charging at any regular or high voltage power outlet

Up to 5 hours self-sufficient operating time in power mode and up to 7 hours in ECO mode

Extended range of applications: interior, emissions- and noise-restricted areas such as inner cities and residential areas

Zero tail excavator without rear overhang for working close to walls and other restrictions